A Course in Miracles echoes the Law of Attraction
Reality ensures that nobody gets away with anything

I wanted to share a deeply meaningful conversation I had with a reader of this blog

The parts in italics are the words of the reader.


I wanted to know, how can I remove my ego and pain body?

It sounds like you are a student of Eckhart Tolle? Are you finding that present moment awareness doesn't quite get you there? What usually triggers your pain body?

Its triggered when I'm exhausted and tired.
I've learned to control the other triggers more or less but just can't seem to do it when I'm tired.

I would recommend resting. :-) Everyone gets grumpy when they are tired.
I do a guided meditation whenever I feel that way. Even 15 minutes is better than a nap. Search for the Meditation Oasis podcast for free meditations.

Thank you so much.

Write anytime, my friend.

Seeing others suffer causes so much pain and anger. It upsets me that people can perpetrate abuse covertly and get away with it. Others are not willing to acknowledge it or change it.
Is this anger and frustration from ego? If I become egoless will I be indifferent to abuse?
And if I do address covert abuse, should I do it by writing an article to avoid confrontation?

I feel the same way, as I suppose any kind-hearted person does. The question is, how best to solve the problem? To fight something or someone only causes further clinging or identification with the destructive behavior.

The only way to change anything, to heal anything or anyone, is through perfect, unconditional love. Have I mastered this in a way to change people beyond my close relationships? No, not yet.

I do know it works perfectly in my family, with my customers and business contacts, etc. Beyond that, words and teachings may help some people...but you are a rare case; someone whose heart and mind is open enough to want to awaken (I presume). I am glad to write with you. What do you think?

Yes, please that would be great. Thank you very much.

I very much want you to share your wisdom as well, so that we can both grow.

I have been listening to Eckhart Tolle recently and reading Pearls of wisdom of Yos W Hadi, an Indonesian spiritual teacher.


I have learned a lot recently from my Mormon friends. I am very curious how Eckhart Tolle touches someone from an Islamic background.

Islam is a very spiritual religion.
Often misunderstood.
Peace and unconditional love to all creation because God loves everyone

I know a little about Sufism. Very little.

The basic aim is to remove ego.


Jesus Christ also spoke the truth, but of course Christianity is also mispracticed and misunderstood.

Ego is considered the barrier between man and God/universe.

Indeed. Ego is the devil. Religious people don't get this.

Yes, we love Jesus and Mary, Hannah, and Joseph very much. Peace be upon them all.


I only care about the truth to which the teachings point.
Ultimately, all teachings point towards unconditional love and peace, I believe.

And annihilation of the ego.


Which is God's love, yes. We agree as one.
It is that simple.

But reaching this stage of pure unconditional love and removing ego are very difficult, I think.

Look, I sometimes have tiny ego flare-ups in a moment. Or a little fear. But I observe it and it goes away. I reached this point mainly through A Course in Miracles. Eckhart came later.

But it is important for me to read / listen to a little each day, write something, and meditate. That is how I exist in this ongoing state.

I dedicate maybe one hour a day, total, in different chunks of time...it is enough, even if I do business, spend hot long days with the kids, have some wine at night....I’ve stayed egoless and aligned with love—for about 5 years now.

Do you think it's possible to reach a permanent egoless state?

Yes, with a daily practice and a commitment to perfect honesty everywhere.
I want to do more, to reach more people and heal. It just hasn't worked on a large scale yet.

Yes, you should reach more people.
I'm sure you will help many people.
Many spiritual teachers instruct us to become egoless, but do not tell us how to do it.

And they are popular for it. Eckhart even stops short of going all the way, which is why he is popular...but not always able to take people all the way.

I have tried almost everything, but ego stops this message everywhere.
The ego's mantra is "seek, but do not find."

I want to go all the way.

I guess people around me think that I'm crazy.

The ego does not want its own destruction, so only an already awakened person wants this message. But that person doesn't need it!
And that person is also a teacher.
There is something which transcends everything all religions and differences.

How to convince the ego to let go of its grip? That is happening by itself as we look at the state of the world now. Ego is imploding under the weight of its own insanity. We need only speak the truth about it and teach the way to those ready to listen.
It is a very gradual process.

Many people do not know its ego...they are so deeply identified with it.

And that causes suffering.
They won't even consider the concept. Almost nobody.

Yes, and still they cling.

Life is like heaven if one is without ego.
Reality will continue to teach them the lesson.

But the society trains us to view ego as necessary for so called success.
That is heaven, yes.


Yes, but true success is in loving service and creation…even fame and riches can be found there. Ego never achieves anything significant, beautiful, or lasting.

It is an honor to meet another awakened soul, Muhammad. I will write later, my brother.

Likewise, brother.
My name is actually XXXX.

Nice to meet you.

Is fear of rejection due to ego?

Only the ego can reject. Spirit doesn't recognize rejection as anything other than an errored choice for separation. It isn't about "you".

Ego and spirit cannot communicate at all. So, rejection of you can only be ego in another.

Do you have a wife, girlfriend, or partner right now who gets you from beyond the ego?

My husband does I believe.

Ah, so you are a woman? Sorry about missing that!

No worries.
I've been reading your posts, where I found answers to many of my questions.

Thank you!

That is wonderful to hear. Do you talk with your husband about your beliefs / faith?

I do....but sometimes he cannot answer my endless questions.
Like how to get to an egoless state.
I feel like I've wasted my life being a slave of ego. Wish we were taught all this at school.


Exactly. I am glad you have a strong, loving marriage then.
My partner and I wish we could share what we have learned with more people. I am sure you feel the same.

Yes, but I'm still learning, myself, and I have a very long way to go...as I know nothing.
You and your partner should definitely go for it.
You will help many people as you are helping me.
There are so many definitions of ego but no clear cut guidelines for removing it.
I guess it's not that simple

As Eckhart asks, how do you drop a hot potato? By dropping it. :-)
It is only a decision to go all the way. Destroy it. Leave it behind. You never needed it and it is unreal.

Choose unconditional love each moment and, when you go off course, apologize and go back. :-)

So always think unconditional loving thoughts?
Then there’s no ego?
Is that the formula? :-)

Yes. And observe when you fail. That's it.
And forgive yourself when you make an error.
Correct the error but make nothing about it real.

I feel unloved by my in-laws sometimes, so I feel a sense of rejection, which makes me angry and bitter.

Sin is where love is not...explains A Course in Miracles.

That is only about their inability to practice perfect love. It says nothing about you. Have you learned to love yourself fully?

Besides my books, I recommend Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Can I purchase your books from your website?
Self-love is something I'm struggling with.

Mine are free eBooks. See the link from the main navigation menu.
by Mark Manney and The Switch by Abscondo.

Thank you so much for taking out precious time to help others
I will invite others to like your Facebook page
There are many spiritually minded people on my facebook.

“One of the greatest acts of worship at the end of time, and one which breaks through the veils that are between the slave and His Lord, is striving to fulfil people's needs.”
- Shaykh al-Habib Abdul Qadir as-Saggaf (Alayhi Rahma) ~


If we start to be unaffected by outward events, does it mean we will be indifferent towards injustice to ourselves or others?

For example, will an egoless person be indifferent to being abused or bullied by others, or indifferent to others being abused like animal cruelty?

Should we keep up relations with those who keep hurting us?

And is it ego if one does not wish to be taken for granted?

And does setting boundaries come from ego?

The only real thing we can do about the various forms of loveless hells created by the errors of others is to express our truth, then withdraw our attention from it. Be only love, teach only love, share only love.

To fight something or attack it is to make it seem as if error and illusion have power. Reality will naturally teach and correct anyone lost in error. All you need to do about it is express yourself fully, illuminate the error, and show the alternative. Then move on with things, withdraw your attention from error and illusion.

This either corrects the error or repels the ego away naturally. You never have to make any decision to cut someone off. Simply speak your loving truth and let them decide what to do with you.

If you react to anything in any other way than by telling your deepest truth lovingly, you end up teaching the wrong lesson and helping no one.

Only love has the power to correct error. I will give you an example. Last week, we went camping. There was this large family who seemed to think the entire campground was their private party. They drank, blasted loud music, and sang for three days straight. Everyone around was frustrated and annoyed with them.

Some people gave dirty looks, but it didn't help. On the first night, I even walked over and asked them to please be quieter twice. Nothing seemed to solve the problem.

On the third day, I asked myself to dig deeper. I asked, what is the loving response? I asked myself, if I could find the courage to say anything at all, is there anything that would help them see the error and care how they were spoiling everyone else's time?

Here's what I came up with: "Isn't it wonderful how all these people accept you as you are? Even though you are spoiling our time a little with all the noise, we all accept you."

I thought it might work, but I didn't see how I could just walk over to the group and randomly say this. My daughter urged me to be brave and do it, but I thought it was maybe inappropriate and of no use.

A while later, surprisingly, the man who owned the large speaker came right toward me to ask for a lighter. I went for it. I said just what I had thought earlier.

He looked utterly confused, as if he thought we all enjoyed their loud partying and wanted to know more about what I meant. I left it at that.

He went back to the dozen or so others in his group, we heard them quietly talking about what I had said…as if trying to grasp it.

Things finally quieted down, and we never heard another loud noise from them the rest of the time. The situation was resolved without any conflict. Maybe they became aware of the respect we all showed them, and became inspired to finally offer the same in return.

To answer your questions directly:

If we start to be unaffected by outward events, does it mean we will be indifferent towards injustice to ourselves or others?

No. What does your outrage about something do that is constructive? Love has nothing to do with feelings of guilt.

For example, will an egoless person be indifferent to being abused or bullied by others, or indifferent to others being abused like animal cruelty?

No. An egoless person will speak freely and openly about it; but will not carry any burden about it.

Should we keep up relations with those who keep hurting us?

We should tell them exactly how we feel, asking for nothing. They will either recognize and respond to our needs, or they will choose separation.

And is it ego if one does not wish to be taken for granted?

If you feel you are taken for granted, you should only communicate about how you feel in the purest, most loving way.

And does setting boundaries come from ego?

Yes, the ego is all about separation. It is all about closing and withdrawing from your brothers and sisters, from God. How can there be boundaries when, on the level of consciousness—our true identity—we are exactly the same, we are one?