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What is freedom, and how can we be free?

These days, many fear the loss of freedom. In a few short months, states of emergencies have been declared, borders closed, and face masks enforced while social contact and movement has been restricted under highly questionable pretenses. Others fear so-called conspiracy theories having to do with future forced vaccinations, tracking, and so on. For any lover of freedom, this stuff is terrifying, and everything appears to be moving rapidly in the wrong direction.

But let me ask this: when exactly were we free? When we were born, we were given a social security number, forced to attend school, forced to pay taxes, use a currency, and to obey laws we never agreed to which were created by a government we never consented to take part in. For a long time, all digital communication between human beings has required verification of identity (via mobile phone confirmation), and the government spies on us at-will.

Cameras are everywhere, purchases are being tracked, analyzed, and dissected. Employers are monitoring computer use, there’s the social media corporations, and on and on. When exactly were we free in the external world?

Democracy has never been exactly real and fair to all. Before that, there were openly totalitarian dictatorships, and before that oppressive monarchies and religions. Freedom in the external world was removed from our lives right at the dawn of civilization, with that first step from the garden of Eden.

So what is freedom, and can we still be free? Freedom is not granted to us by governments, it is not found by cutting yourself off from others, and it is not in a statement, protest, or an act of rebellion.

In the truest sense of the word, to be free means to be absent of ego. What freedom is there if your mind continues torturing you, if you need egoic institutions to leave you alone, and if you continue to suffer in fear?

Because people do not know what freedom is—and often associate it with reckless or violent behaviors—violent institutions are required as a response, to keep error and confusion in check. If we only knew what freedom really is, then a new society would emerge that is absent of violence, oppression, or injustice.

To become free is to awaken to unconditional love, to humble yourself before God, and to practice true forgiveness. True freedom undoes violence and attack as you walk the path of perfect honesty and bliss—speaking only the truth and wanting only the truth—knowing that the truth is real, and it can only be love.

No government, no technology, nothing can take away your true freedom because it is accessed within and practiced each time you meet just one brother or sister who also knows what freedom is.  You were born complete, with everything you need to practice perfect freedom, and all the power to do so. All external attempts to limit freedom—as horrifying as it always is and as much suffering as it causes—will fail in time…for the simple reason that enough of us will always remember who we are.

You can be free now, but you must know what freedom is. Any freedom that can be limited by external factors and forces is no freedom at all. Furthermore, if you practice perfect freedom, no external authority will want to limit you because you are incapable of harm. To awaken is to become free, and it is yours now. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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