“I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” Jesus Christ
How expectations harm relationships and families by blocking expressions of love

What are we supposed to do?

Everybody is telling everybody what they are supposed to care about and which outrageous event we are supposed to be shocked about. Everyone keeps asking us to “do something” about this or that.

Here is the problem I have: each day, there are billions of problems in the world that I would fix. I care, fully and profoundly, about every single cause and form of suffering. In this, I know that I am not alone. People are good. You care, we all care. But what are we supposed to do?

Is your cause racism? I agree, let’s end it. Now am I supposed to give the money I earned to a charitable bureaucracy to pay their staff, whose focus is mainly on taking more people’s money to do more of the same? How is that going to end racism? Maybe your cause is human trafficking? I agree, let’s end it. Is your solution to support a military invasion of a country, or what am I supposed to do about crimes committed by people who I don’t even know?

Every well-intentioned action has unintended consequences. If you are trying to raise awareness about any cause, then ask yourself, fundamentally, what do you want people to do? Talking about doing something isn’t doing something. Carrying guilt and shame about something you didn’t cause and can’t solve is harmful. What exactly is the purpose of bringing everyone’s attention to shocking, tragic events? To raise criminal penalties, which will cause more suffering? To convince us to vote differently—as if politicians have ever solved problems and cause no unintended harm? What are you trying to do by “raising awareness”?

If you want to do something that will fundamentally change the world, that will end the billions of problems and causes of suffering each day, then there is only one thing you can do. You can be love. You can bring your light into the world and you can heal. By doing so, you teach everyone the way. Those few whose torch you lit will do the same. Spouses, children, friends, neighbors, colleagues, strangers will be loved—which will undo the cause of all this violence, fear, error—the very source of all suffering, itself: ego.

But this will never happen if we continue to argue, to debate, to shame each other, to pull each other into the darkness, the despair, the anger, the injustice. The only way to transcend it is to align with love by placing all our attention there. I don’t want to hear about the billion problems. I know the world is lost in the ways of error. I want all my attention on the one solution: love.

Unconditional love is something we can do. Herein lies all the power—not in money, not in guilt and shame, not in debate, not in information, and not in battle. The world’s approach to solving any problem is ultimately impotent and has been since the dawn of time…which is why we are still in this mess. There is only one thing we have not tried. It is to just be love in all we see, all we are, all we feel, and all we do.  

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