Can sexual freedom be loving, non-destructive and guiltless?
This isn't going away until we shift

There is a reason why we suffer

Pain, illness, and all forms of suffering are nature’s responses to any rejection of reality and truth. The purpose of suffering is to force us to correct course so that we accept what is, always forgive, and surrender to love as the only correct response to anything and everything.

Learn only that reality is reality (which requires a daily spiritual practice of brief study and meditation) and your problems are removed as your suffering ends. For thousands of years, with but few exceptions, humans have been trying everything but this. Only this has never been tried on a large scale and only this is the answer to all our problems.

Resist the lesson by responding to suffering in any other way, and problems will escalate, suffering will increase, and further crisis is on the way. Crisis is simply what happens when our thinking and doing is not aligned with reality. This can be called error. The longer we fail to correct course, things can only get worse.

Spiritual awakening is not some sort of wacky personal preference nor a false idol or identity. It is the full embrace of the only solution, the humble acceptance of reality, the knowing that all wisdom and truth is found only within the thought system and energy of perfect, unconditional love.

Anything else but this always has, and always will fail. Whether you want to change your life or change the world, the answer is the same. A person aligned with lasting joy cannot become ill. A society governed by the values of love cannot contain violence. A family based on unconditional love cannot break. A business based on love for customers cannot fail. I could go on, and will do so tomorrow and each day after that.


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