Everything the ego tells you that you need will hurt you. (A Course in Miracles)
What is freedom, and how can we be free?

Nobody has ever gone so far down the wrong path that they cannot return to the right one

All what appears to be drama, crisis, and despair in today’s world is only the inevitable destination of the path we were on. One who fears or suffers from sickness is one whose diet and habits have gone off course. One who fears a diminished lifestyle or loss of possessions is someone who spent too much, borrowed too much, and reached for a life that was beyond their means. If a marriage is crumbling, it must have been built upon shallow ground. If there is angst, fear, depression, anxiety, or any form of suffering, it is for lack of a spiritual practice. The problems are not external. Reality is as it is. So, the solutions are entirely within our control.

It is you who is traveling down whatever path you are on. Rather than complaining about the scenery, understand that wherever you are is your chosen destination. You may have received a lot of bad advice, but ultimately every decision you made at every fork has been yours and has determined where you are. Accept this completely as the starting point if you want anything to improve.

From this point of acceptance, you can instantly create a new reality. The good news is that life’s path is not like a road or path through the forest. It isn’t necessary to retrace your steps all the way back to where you began and do it all over. In life, changing course is more like instantly awakening from a dream and finding yourself somewhere new.

Awake, you know that all authority is within. What matters now is how you feel. Is there a nice flow of energy and excitement each day? What about your thoughts? Do they bring lightness, inspiration, and positivity? Are your relationships harmonious? Is your purpose in life and work useful to anyone? Are you free to be you, express yourself and do what inspires you? All this is yours if you want it.

Total change, total healing is possible through an embrace of unconditional love—a humbling of oneself to God (God means whatever you want it to, but it must be loving or you haven't found God). It also takes a commitment to healthy habits, to an open mind and heart, and to meditation to create gaps in the stream of thought.

Here, you awaken to the recognition that everything real is now. When you are fully alive now, everything is perfect. Let go of the past, forget about the future, pay attention to your state of being now. We continue in the ongoing, eternal now.   


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