Abscondo Podcast #87: How to end racism, police brutality and oppression
All insanity lies in fear

Nothing is going to change until hearts are changed

Only love has the power to change hearts. Only changed hearts have the power to change minds. Only through this inner transformation can the good prevail.

It goes almost without saying that violence and aggression is entirely counterproductive. How foolish it would be, for example, if a population of people who are too often viewed as angry and violent would resort to anger and violence as a response to this very perception. Is police brutality not caused by this very perception? Would making this perception look real not undo all the historic gains in civil rights and ensure that racism and discrimination thrives?

Protests are also counterproductive because they don’t change hearts. They are aggressive, loud, standoffish, and they are set up as a confrontation of “us against them”. Now those who are attempting peaceful protest are vulnerable to the aggression of the oppressor, they get drawn into the violence, respond with more anger and violence, and come away badly defeated.

This approach hasn’t worked—obviously not, simply look at the state of the world. If it had ever worked, we would not be in this sorry state. Why doesn’t any of this work? Because all of this is only the response of ego. Ego fighting more ego. The cycle continues, the wars rage on, nobody is ever right, nobody ever wins, just escalating pain, anger, violence, and fear.

There is only one revolution and it is the consciousness revolution. It is the alignment with unconditional love, total forgiveness always, and the complete withdrawal of our attention from all the fear-based fiction of the world. None of it has any real power. What is real is consciousness, life itself, and in this recognition, we rise above all sin and error to align with our true, divine selves.

Love is the only solution to every problem. Those who have forgotten what perfect love is—those who act from any negative emotion—are experiencing hell on earth and they ultimately may not survive these apparent end times. The meek shall inherit the earth. 


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