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About the new Abscondo song "See" from the new album

"I (Pieces)" (about the new song on my forthcoming Life Light album)

They say that we are one, that there is no real separation between you and me. This realization is particularly obvious when we consider our relationships. Do they not shape us and make us who we are? Are we not eternally connected with the ones we've loved; bonded by memories of the heart and the mind?

This is the concept behind the deeply personal song called "I (Pieces)". We are pieces of the same soul because, on the level of the soul, we are all the same...sharing the same needs, wants, desires and feelings. This is particularly true when it comes to family, to love relationships, or to deep friendships.

It is for this simple reason that I see no reason anyone needs to break off any connection with anyone. Healing begins when we honor what is real between us, regardless of current circumstances, changes in relationships, living circumstances, etc. Honor what is real, which can only be the love because only love can be real.

This is a three chord song that made me cry the first time I played it. It had the same effect on others who are close to me. I hope you can replace the names in this song with some of the names of people who mean so much to you. Listen here.

"I (Pieces)" by Abscondo

Life light Cover

The album has been submitted for distribution and should be available everywhere in the next week or two.

Eva, you sent me out into the cold
Now how far did you go?
And did you get there without me?
Zuzana, you picked me up when I was low
And now I know
We’re just perfect together
Klara, each week you come by
With that look in your eyes
Looking for pleasure
Sarah, I know that you will write
About this wonderful life
I couldn’t be me without you
We’re pieces, pieces of the same soul
And I wouldn’t know
Who I am without you
Brother, now we’re getting old
When my story’s been told
I couldn’t tell it without you
Mother, I know you’re in pain
Still you only gave
Such comfort and shelter
Father, you worked most your life away
Which tells much more than you say
Wouldn’t be a man without you.
Grandma, grandpa you taught me to play
To dream my whole life away
Through your stories and laughter
Pieces, pieces of the same soul
And I wouldn’t know
Who I am without you
Brian, just last week I was told
How you died in the snow
But still you’re here with me
Anna, you’ve always been so alone
Still you are known
I hope one day you can trust me


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