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How the 2020's are the decade that healed the world

We all felt it, as 2019 passed into the rear view and we were thrusted into the 2020’s, that the world was going to change. My, how it has, and how beautiful it is to be alive now!

I said at the beginning of this crisis in this and several other posts and podcasts, that this is the beginning of the collapse of ego. With one news cycle of fear and panic right at the start of the decade, the ego’s insanity and dysfunction has been exposed. Now there is no going back, and the egoic mind can no longer function in a way that would allow anyone in its grip to survive.

The pleasures of ego are gone for good—the symbols of consumerism, luxury travel, crazy parties, pointless flights around the world, the growing economies that supported purchases of extravagant cars and real estate. Now the ego offers nothing anyone would want. Utterly abandoning all appearance of sanity for total fear, how the ego suffocates us by forcing face masks in the mall, embracing social distancing—those who follow this way of thinking may never experience a passionate kiss or have great sex again. This version of salvation is only a vision of death.

What once made the ego desirable was its pride, and the possibility of pride is fading fast. While once cool, those in the grip of ego now present a laughable image—fearful, confused, silent, unfree, fading into obscurity. This will continue, and not because anyone imposed this destiny upon anyone; rather, because the ego did it to itself. Game over.

Those who are in their 30’s or 40’s and still single, waiting, unable to function in a relationship—now will not have children because they are even more afraid of new people, even more isolated, judgmental, unable to enjoy the present moment, utterly paralyzed. Thankfully, they will not pass on these values of death to any children, and so the earth may be slowly rescued. The false images of oh-so-hot singles on Instagram are not quite as common, the activity on Tinder declining, and the old, dysfunctional ways of serial monogamy is clearly exhausting and pointless. Now is the time for true, actual love—something the ego knows nothing of and cannot do.

Those in the grip of ego who already have children are no longer presenting much of an example to those children for them to aspire to. They are no longer able to project the false images of the perfect family, no longer able to convince their children that school matters (when it so easily closes) and a good job is salvation (when their parents are losing those jobs). This style of parenting no longer offers much. Children are watching and are learning well. They will not cling to the same illusions, will not repeat the same mistakes, and so the earth shall heal.

Thus, the 2020’s is the decade in which everything changes. What survives is truth, authenticity, humility—the values of love. What we will enjoy is what the spiritually awakened have been able to enjoy throughout this so-called crisis—the present moment, perfect relationships, perfect health, time in nature, cooking, listening to music, reading, sex, wine, romance, creating, serving others, being.

The teachings of all the great spiritual traditions are proving to be exactly true. What is real is that which has always been real—that which has been covered up by all the endless distractions and illusions—the spectacle of the media, sports, consumerism, ridiculous makeup, luxury travel, designer clothes, obscenely large houses and cars, and false identities attached to our work. This illusion is being exposed.

The meek shall inherit the earth—those who create value, serve others, love themselves and others openly, accept others fully, and let go of all fear, all illusion, all that which is temporary, meaningless, nasty and false. What a beautiful time to be alive! We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  

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