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About the song "Light" by Abscondo

Too often, people look to relationships and marriage expecting someone else to make them happy. When two people do this together, the absurdity of the situation is quite evident. Here you have two individuals who have not yet discovered the inner source of joy, the escape from ego as the one and only way to end suffering, who are both looking to get from the other what they do not possess.

This type of relationship usually doesn't last. By relying upon anyone else as your source of happiness, your expectations are impossible to meet and you end up blaming the other person when you fail to get that impossible thing you expected. Eventually, the relationship is filled with bitterness and resentment. 

Yes, a new relationship is very exciting. You can forget your problems for a while, you can explore that new relationship energy, you can open your heart and mind...for a time, you do become happy. But it is not the object of your affection that brings you feelings of loving bliss; rather, your decision to give and receive love.

If two lovers learn to live in the state where love flourishes, then that blissful feeling will never fade. Love flows from within, and a perfect relationship is one where the source of love is known and it is never restricted.  

As the song declares, "baby doesn't need a ring...that ain't the solution to her suffering...gotta turn her light on." This is a fun, playful, 2-chord song with really no structure (I'm not even sure what the chords are!). Like "Now (Out Here Alone)", it came out in one take and I didn't change it. Enjoy!

"Light" by Abscondo

Life light Cover


Baby doesn’t need a ring
That’s not the solution to her suffering
Gotta turn her light on
Gonna turn her light on
Where she goes, I go
Where we go, I know
That everything we do and everything we say
Are of the purest intentions
And what we don’t even mention
Is what we need to do
And what we need to be
I won’t do that to you
Please don’t do that to me
Because we already are everything

Posted by Abscondo

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