Released from the past, I carry no grievances
The protests, the riots, the looting is nothing other than a cry for love

You cannot love an ego, nor love from the ego

Minds cannot feel and minds cannot experience love. A person who is not in love is a person who is dominated by the mind. Love is only experienced from the heart, not from the mind.

The ego, utterly incapable of love, is perfectly capable of finding reasons not to love. Rather than seeking blissful union, what the ego does instead is to reject, judge, and attack the other—always pushing real love away only to fantasize about it in the future.

Simply observe the severity of this delusion honestly and you instantly undo the ego’s grip on you. If you are stuck and confused about the most important aspects of life, it is only because of the ego. What most people don’t know is that the ego can be completely undone.

Just as a spiritually unconscious person cannot experience love, it is also very difficult for others to fall in love with them. Why? Falling in love is a union of two hearts, two souls. This requires an open mind and an open heart. A mind-dominated person is closed and never allows the language of the heart to enter into the relationship. Here there can be no spiritual “soulmate” connection because the mind blocks all possibility.

The mind cannot love a heart and a heart cannot love a mind. Love is heart-to-heart. If you want love, you must destroy the ego.

Love is what happens when two people live from the heart and learn to perceive each other on this level. Love is a decision of the heart, and decisions of the heart are never confused; rather, they are final, eternal, and unconditional. That’s what love is.