The protests, the riots, the looting is nothing other than a cry for love
Abscondo Podcast #87: How to end racism, police brutality and oppression

While it may be dramatic and interesting, fighting fire with fire is no solution at all.

"Your function in this world is healing, and your function in heaven is creating." -A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles teaches that there are no exceptions to the message because the lack of exceptions is the message. The one, real, required course comes in many variations and combinations of words, traditions, and faiths; yet there is only one truth. How might the true perspective be applied to the current situation of police brutality, angry protests, riots, looting and worse?

All attack is of the ego. Therefore, there is no truth, legitimacy, or morality within it. It is a tragically misguided solution that will never change anything and will never communicate anything real. Pain and the anger as a response to injustice is perfectly understandable. Attack would appear to be justified under the logic of an eye for an eye—but all attack is error because there is no true power within it. It can lead to no real solution; rather, only more anger and counterattack.

The only solution to any problem is the loving response. Those who are angry at government officials should calmly, lovingly walk into police stations, courthouses, schools, and all the supposedly untouchable places of false power and simply talk to so-called authority. No shouting, no demanding, no violence. We can come together, simply walk through the door and ask for a meeting, a conversation. If refused, we can wait outside patiently, smiling. No chanting, no slogans, only good people waiting to have a loving conversation with brothers and sisters who have erred.

If a police officer commits an act of violence, or even of murder, the entire community might come knocking at his door to talk calmly. They should find him at work, in his car, or at the grocery store, and reach out to heal a brother who is ill and in need of love. Forgiveness followed by loving outreach to all those who have erred would heal the world and teach authority how we wish to be governed. By merely dropping ego, society would instantly change and would become a heaven on earth.

“The ego teaches that your function in this world is destruction, and that you have no function at all in heaven.”

The egoic response to ego is a tragic error.