They say that people who place their own interests above the interests of others are selfish. But what are self-interests? For that matter, what is the self?
People are more afraid than we realize

When you close your heart or close your mind, you block your energy from flowing.

There exists an enormous source of energy within you. Where does it come from?

When you are in love, excited about something, or truly inspired, the energy level within shoots through the roof. You can’t sit still! You pace around the room feeling fully alive.

Other times you feel completely lethargic, depressed or uninspired. What causes these shifts? Do we get this energy from food or rest? No. Sometimes, when we are excited, we barely eat. When we are depressed, we eat or sleep too much. What exactly is controlling the energy frequencies?

You want to get inspired and stay there? Here’s the secret: just open your heart and mind. Accept new possibilities into your work life, your social circle, and your love life. Accept what people have to say with an open mind. Try something before rejecting it. Say “yes” to life and never close your heart or mind to anything or anyone.

Ever notice how, when you talk openly with a friend, your energy increases and you talk and laugh for hours? But if you talk with a depressed, judgmental or closed person, you want to go to sleep.

You want to feel good, and the only way to feel good is to open your heart and mind. You’ll also need to express yourself fully. Share your truths openly and without fear. Be real and let whatever happens happen.  Stop rejecting or resisting people, opportunities, or something new. Stay alive and stay young by remaining open.