If you cannot escape your reality, make your reality your escape.
They say that people who place their own interests above the interests of others are selfish. But what are self-interests? For that matter, what is the self?

The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-8)


It is said that we reap what we sow. If we are metaphorically planting seeds each day, maintaining the proper conditions, and waiting patiently for the harvest; then abundance will materialize seemingly on its own.

While everyone’s intentions are good, many cannot tell the good seed from the bad. They plant seeds of attack, negativity and oppression. Their harvest will surely come, but it will bear no fruit.

Others are in possession of good seed, but they may lazily scatter it on the path—which can only happen when little attention is paid to the task at hand. For them, there will also be no fruit.

Still others plant seeds in shallow soil. Here is lacking patience; rather, only a desire to get the fastest possible result. The planting and nurturing is not enjoyed as an end, detached from the outcome. At first, sprouts do shoot up and the results seem promising. However, because there is no root, the plants cannot survive and the fruits never materialize.

To plant seeds on good soil is to do the right thing while also paying attention to your inner state of being. Your joy, your love, your positive state is the richest of soils. As you go about your planting, pay attention to how you feel. Do not dwell on the goal or the outcome; rather, enjoy the ongoing present moment fully and notice the beauty in everything.

Your harvest does not require you to sacrifice feeling good; rather, it demands the opposite. Take your time, resting in the peace of God, absent of fear, aligned with the feeling and energy of unconditional love. When all your planting is of good seeds in fertile soul, your fruit will grow on its own and your abundance is inevitable. 

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