The finding of God is a coming to oneself. (Aldous Huxley)
The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:3-8)

If you cannot escape your reality, make your reality your escape.

The deal with consumerism was this: sacrifice doing what you want and being who you are in your real life and, in return, you get to enjoy countless forms of escape. Life was hard, but then there were the restaurants, the bars and clubs, the sporting events, the movie theaters, the theme parks, the travel to luxurious hotels, exotic beaches and so many other exciting escapes.

In truth, our so-called “real lives”—consisting of endless work, school, chores and responsibilities—were not exactly real; rather, only society’s creation. Of course, the escapes were not real either. Everything about consumer culture was an illusion and the only thing real about it is that we believed in it. There is a such thing as true reality, and it has not and cannot be threatened by anyone or anything.

Now that the external forms of escape are gone, sacrificing our true reality is no longer appealing. I have already found—after many years absconding normalcy and doing only what I want to—that when your real life is lived in truth, there is nothing to escape from. Even when all that fake stuff was available, I have enjoyed my existence each day even without it.

Your full truth, your ultimate fantasies, your loftiest dreams can become your reality even now—especially now—because now sacrifice is pointless, and the distractions of escape are unavailable. Everything about consumer culture was a silly distraction. All that faking was always pointless and never brought anyone to the fulfillment of what they were seeking.

So now you can give yourself permission to feel good all the time, to love fully and freely, to seek and celebrate true beauty, to do what excites you and to make your real life a beautiful dream, a legend, an experience of ongoing joy and bliss.


Posted by Abscondo

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