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While it may be dramatic and interesting, fighting fire with fire is no solution at all.

"Your function in this world is healing, and your function in heaven is creating." -A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles teaches that there are no exceptions to the message because the lack of exceptions is the message. The one, real, required course comes in many variations and combinations of words, traditions, and faiths; yet there is only one truth. How might the true perspective be applied to the current situation of police brutality, angry protests, riots, looting and worse?

All attack is of the ego. Therefore, there is no truth, legitimacy, or morality within it. It is a tragically misguided solution that will never change anything and will never communicate anything real. Pain and the anger as a response to injustice is perfectly understandable. Attack would appear to be justified under the logic of an eye for an eye—but all attack is error because there is no true power within it. It can lead to no real solution; rather, only more anger and counterattack.

The only solution to any problem is the loving response. Those who are angry at government officials should calmly, lovingly walk into police stations, courthouses, schools, and all the supposedly untouchable places of false power and simply talk to so-called authority. No shouting, no demanding, no violence. We can come together, simply walk through the door and ask for a meeting, a conversation. If refused, we can wait outside patiently, smiling. No chanting, no slogans, only good people waiting to have a loving conversation with brothers and sisters who have erred.

If a police officer commits an act of violence, or even of murder, the entire community might come knocking at his door to talk calmly. They should find him at work, in his car, or at the grocery store, and reach out to heal a brother who is ill and in need of love. Forgiveness followed by loving outreach to all those who have erred would heal the world and teach authority how we wish to be governed. By merely dropping ego, society would instantly change and would become a heaven on earth.

“The ego teaches that your function in this world is destruction, and that you have no function at all in heaven.”

The egoic response to ego is a tragic error.


The protests, the riots, the looting is nothing other than a cry for love

It is time for us all to love thy neighbor as thyself; in particular the police and other members of the government.

Violence would be impossible if those in authority hadn't taught it and, instead, practiced love. Love is the solution to every challenge. It is the whole truth.

Learn what love is. Learn the true nature of the self. Remember that your position of so-called authority reqires our consent.


You cannot love an ego, nor love from the ego

Minds cannot feel and minds cannot experience love. A person who is not in love is a person who is dominated by the mind. Love is only experienced from the heart, not from the mind.

The ego, utterly incapable of love, is perfectly capable of finding reasons not to love. Rather than seeking blissful union, what the ego does instead is to reject, judge, and attack the other—always pushing real love away only to fantasize about it in the future.

Simply observe the severity of this delusion honestly and you instantly undo the ego’s grip on you. If you are stuck and confused about the most important aspects of life, it is only because of the ego. What most people don’t know is that the ego can be completely undone.

Just as a spiritually unconscious person cannot experience love, it is also very difficult for others to fall in love with them. Why? Falling in love is a union of two hearts, two souls. This requires an open mind and an open heart. A mind-dominated person is closed and never allows the language of the heart to enter into the relationship. Here there can be no spiritual “soulmate” connection because the mind blocks all possibility.

The mind cannot love a heart and a heart cannot love a mind. Love is heart-to-heart. If you want love, you must destroy the ego.

Love is what happens when two people live from the heart and learn to perceive each other on this level. Love is a decision of the heart, and decisions of the heart are never confused; rather, they are final, eternal, and unconditional. That’s what love is.


Released from the past, I carry no grievances

To keep the past real is to carry a heavy load. As we go through life, we experience many challenges, we see unimaginable injustice, and we blame others for our suffering just as we hold ourselves guilty for so much.

To hold a grievance is to cling to painful memories. The more they accumulate, the more challenging it becomes for your mind to carry. At some point, non-forgiveness becomes the mind’s full-time job, robbing you of joy because endless attention and energy is diverted toward the telling of so many painful and inter-connected stories.

The mind convinces us that replaying grievances, understanding them, dissecting them, and making them real or fighting back is the way out from this hell. You feel as though you cannot just let it go; otherwise nothing will be resolved, and everyone will be let off the hook. In truth, the only one on the hook here is the one doing the carrying.

Error brings its own punishment, or it wouldn’t be error. The punishment always comes in the form of ongoing suffering and ultimately crisis. Isn’t it also an error to hold guilt over someone who has fixed the problem or is no longer causing it? By doing so, isn’t the non-forgiveness causing the problem now rather than the errors of the past?

If someone attacks or makes us suffer in some way, it is enough to respond naturally. We can point it out or even explain the problem lovingly. We can express ourselves fully, going into the emotions if needed, then we can let it go completely. We can forgive immediately and move on.

The past is not real because it is not here. To hold onto the past is to pull ourselves away from all that is here: life itself, in this eternal present moment. What problem is there here, now? Now we can move through life as guiltless as children because the baggage has been put aside.


If you are already spiritually awakened, then hope is a meaningless concept

The underlying belief which makes the postponement of joy possible is this: sacrifice is necessary now because lasting happiness will be yours someday. This, the world celebrates as hope. Let us look at hope.

If you are already spiritually awakened, then hope is a meaningless concept. What is hope for when salvation has already arrived? But continue to rely upon the ego and all you have is hope because, surely, what you want has yet to arrive.

Most people spend their whole life waiting, seeking, hoping but never reaching the destination of perfect and lasting joy. Years can go by in sacrifice, still decades more, and yet the reward for all this sacrifice never quite arrives. You can place the blame on yourself for not working hard enough, or you can blame the world for its unfairness, but the truth is elsewhere: you are seeking salvation in false idols—where it cannot be found.

Rather than looking honestly at this, you may continue to sacrifice feeling good now for a fantasy of the future. You may avoid love now for the purpose of finding true love. You may ignore spiritual teachings, meditation, and a healthy way of living because you are too busy becoming sick at the altar of the future. You may live dishonestly to preserve a relationship that is making you both miserable. You may read the news each day waiting for the world to be declared safe. You may put off doing what inspires you because it is impractical at the moment. Still you keep hoping that someday, somehow, all your dreams will come true and your life will be wonderful. How so?

A better future doesn’t exist, but a better present does. Patience isn’t a state of waiting; rather a superior way of being and doing. Love isn’t something you are working toward; it is there each moment you decide for it. Rest isn’t found in sleeping; rather, from waking. Joy is detached from external circumstance and is found in freedom.

What you have been hoping for can only be yours now and requires only a real decision for it.


The ego wants to want more than it wants to have. (Eckhart Tolle)

The reason that the ego wants to want is that it cannot be happy. Why not? Because the mind cannot feel, only think. To realize and accept this would be to look at the ego honestly. If you do that, you will no longer want this parasite and you will leave it behind.

Like any creature, however, the ego does not want to die. Therefore, it must trick you into tolerating it by convincing you to seek happiness in the future. The voice in the head tells you that salvation is found in the future—after you achieve this, have that, if you are with a specific person, or if you have a particular experience. But if you actually do achieve or experience what the ego seeks, your happiness will not last for more than a moment and you will be left still wanting and chasing the next illusion.

Thoughts regularly cause us suffering, but joy is never found in thoughts. Joy, rather, is the natural experience of life when thoughts subside for a moment or when thoughts are aligned with the reality of life.

Thoughts directed at present moment awareness bring you an appreciation of beauty and a feeling of alertness and vibrance. The joy you experience here comes not from the thoughts; rather, from the experience of true reality beyond them.

Loving thoughts also bring joy because they are aligned with the source of joy and no longer block it. Honest thinking and expressing, unconditional acceptance of what is, thoughts of openness, creative thoughts, pursuit of creative endeavors—this is correct mind activity because your attention is placed upon the source of joy.

You will never “figure things out” in the mind; but if you can align the mind with divine truth, then there will be nothing to figure out or to want because joy is yours eternally.


All this is robbery and chaos (Tao Te Ching)

“When rich speculators prosper while farmers lose their land, when government officials spend money on weapons instead of cures, when the upper-class is extravagant and irresponsible while the poor have nowhere to turn, all this is robbery and chaos.” -Tao Te Ching.

How can I judge any of my brothers and sisters when we are all abused and enslaved within a system of violence? None of us were asked whether we consent to the financial system, the taxes, the laws, the police, the prisons, the security checks, the threats, the mandatory schooling that teaches all the wrong lessons, the rules and controls that have become so pervasive that most of us have been driven to the dark state of fear.

We are born free and perfect. Then a legal name and number are forced upon us. Then gradually, a system designed to indoctrinate and enslave us is imposed upon us by threat. We never agreed with any of it. We must swear to oaths we did not write. Decisions are forced upon us that we did not make. Never were we given a real choice.

This is violence, injustice, slavery. Those of us who have found some degree of peace and sanity have done so against all odds. Most have been trained as thieves, we attack, we torture, we retreat to the temporary comfort of substances – yet still how can we judge any of our brothers and sisters?

We were all born into this unnecessarily cruel and violent system. We are all doing our best to cope, to survive, to find a bit of love and happiness nonetheless. Yet, understandably, most of us are lost.

Now the insanity and confusion is escalating, but it has already been present for a very long time. May this illegitimate system of lies, oppression and violence dissolve under the weight of its own wrongfulness.

May we finally respect each other as sacred souls who are free to love, free to express ourselves, free to create and serve, free to live without these constant threats. Until then, may we not lose sight of the sacred truth within.


When you want only love, you will see nothing else. (A Course in Miracles)

Nothing but love is real. As tangible and solid as all else may seem, everything other than love will dissolve like any dream after waking.

If you then want only more dreams, that is all you will see. Resisting this, chasing that, never finding anything real—life will then become a roller coaster of ups and downs, seemingly meaningless and hopeless.

You get in life exactly what you want. Love is real, and nothing beyond it is. Love appears wherever you place it, wherever you extend it—but only after you have found it within.

A Course in Miracles says, “The power of decision is your one remaining freedom as a prisoner of this world. You can decide to see it right.” Seeing it right is the choice for perfect love over fear. Perfect love always casts out fear and is the one condition for salvation.


People are more afraid than we realize

I talk a lot about overcoming fear, but maybe I never realized how scared people really are. In Slovakia, today is the first day that we aren't required to wear masks outside. So I step out, expecting to see some smiles, and 95% of the people are wearing masks a country where basically nobody is sick from this flu or dying!

We talk so much about people being brainwashed by the fearmongering in the news, etc., but let's get more honest. The problem is that people are real cowards...afraid of experiences, afraid of love, afraid of germs.

What I find most remarkable is that nobody seems afraid of letting life pass by uneventfully...missing opportunities to be alive, to try new things, to experience everything during this short time in this dimension. Also, nobody seems very afraid of eating such a lousy diet that it is killing them, lacking exercise, not meditating, not getting, this is so messed up.

This makes me sad. I am here to LIVE. I am not really afraid of anything. I just want to feel good all the time and to experience everything life has to offer. It just gets lonely sometimes because it is hard to find somebody to play with when they are all so busy being scared and miserable.