The ego is destined to dissolve, and all its ossified structures—whether it be religious or other institutions, corporations or governments will disintegrate from within; no matter how deeply entrenched they appear to be. (Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth)
In the seeing of who you are not, the reality of who you are emerges by itself. (Eckhart Tolle)

Words reduce reality to something the human mind can grasp, which isn’t very much. (Eckhart Tolle)

The mind believes that by labeling something, you understand it. But as soon as something is labeled, the full reality is no longer seen.

By labeling someone as a role such as “colleague”, you attach all sorts of concepts and expectations to the person. Now you lose awareness of the depth of the person beyond the concept. The same is true when you label a flower, a tree, a situation or circumstance, or anything at all.

The egoic mind is racing with words, ideologies, thought systems and concepts to find order and meaning in the world. The mind tells you that, by doing so, you are seeking lasting happiness. This never works because lasting happiness is love, joy and beauty. This is experience from beyond the mind (not within it).

Human society is largely insane and lacking beauty because it has been made by minds who have lost awareness of the full reality present in this eternal moment. That which we most deeply want, on the level of the soul, lies present all around us in the gap between perception and thought. To access it, stay aware of the inner dimension, notice how you feel, and embrace beauty each moment in all of life—not as words and concepts but as an experience.

Now you are awakened and connected to the fullness and oneness of things. Rooted in truth, your sane mind can now be used to extend words, concepts and creations that will be infused with beauty and value which points others back to this awareness of the infinite reality beyond thought.