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We can stop sacrificing everything for an empty promise that never quite materializes in a future that never quite arrives.

I believe we can do better than this old, obsolete system where we spend 20 years of our youth being forced to learn irrelevant lessons in school…where the next 40 years we are forced to work most our days in jobs we do not enjoy to pay debt and taxes for the privilege of that education, for the healthcare system uninterested in real healing, for the military that causes death and destruction around the world, for the prized pension so that (if we’re “lucky”) we get to spend our final 20 years idle and useless to anyone, hoping only that the healthcare system can extend the suffering just a bit longer. This is no life.

Call this capitalism or call it socialism, the differences are minor. It matters little whether we pay the government or corporations to be tortured in this way. The story is the same in every country in a world that lacks any real imagination, a world where our pop stars and celebrities never smile and somehow think that looking nauseous is cool, a world where nobody has the courage to tell the truth or the time to appreciate beauty, where people are afraid to open up or love because they “might get hurt”, where we are meant to spend an entire lifetime following rules that were set before we were born only to end up lost, confused, self-centered and irrelevant. Meanwhile, this entire system of misery and sacrifice is destroying the natural world—a cancer on God’s creation. I believe we can do better.

This nightmare existence which always felt so inevitable is now starting to crack, starting to crumble from within the thought-system of endless sacrifice and fear-based illogic. Now we can begin to look honestly at how badly off course we have gone in this past many decades. Yet the real truth is that, no matter what is going on in this insane world, each moment we have a choice to escape from this and to heal.

By withdrawing attention from this insane system, we can allow passion and intuition to guide a lifetime of true learning and creating. We can be valued and useful from the day we are born until the day we die. Our lives can mean something because we can tell the truth, we can reach our destiny and live up to our potential, we can spread our perfect love, we can heal ourselves and others. We can seek, celebrate, and create beauty. We can stop sacrificing everything for an empty promise that never quite materializes in a future that never quite arrives.

We can choose love, freedom, and truth instead of bondage. This can be done now, without any struggle or danger, without anyone having to agree or give us permission. No matter what happens in the external world, the life you want is the life you can have if you simply choose to be happy—and mean it enough to change.