He dwells in reality, and lets all illusions go. (Tao Te Ching)
To receive real answers, ask real questions.

The new age is already here for those who choose not to wait.

They say that we are supposed to wait this out, that one day this pandemic will be over, and everything is going to be better than ever. But is anything real ever found by waiting for the future? I don’t think that one day we’re just going to wake up, having changed nothing about the way we think and live, and be okay. The truth is that salvation is not found in time.

Time is the dimension where life grows old and dies. Decay takes time, the slide toward death takes time—and that time is shortened further by refusing to love, live fully, heal, and expand. The longer we wait in fear rather than choosing to come alive now, the worse the suffering and the effects of illness will become. Exactly when will the fear subside, and when will the world be safe again according to the fearful ego?

The new age is already here for those who choose not to wait. Others are lost in the web of illusions, the dramatic swings, the fearful cries, the loss of external freedoms, the panic and uncertainty. But we the awakened, we have already healed in this eternal present moment. Our lives are already rooted in truth. We already love fully. We already enjoy this moment. We continue to give and receive. Our hearts are open to unity and service. We feel good and want to spread the joy. We remain perfectly healthy and absent of fear. We experience life as abundant.

Nothing truly valuable or important can be found in time. Wait for it there and you miss the treasure where it is—right here, right now. Let the world be as it is for now, it will follow. Remember that we are life, itself. We are the light of the world, not subjects to the world. For healing to occur, we must go first in truth. There is nothing to wait for when everything real always exists only in the now.


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