Covid-19, pokus o štátny prevrat, totalitarizmus, centralizovaná autorita a čo bude ďalej
All the laws you awaken to were violated while you slept. (A Course in Miracles)

The Covid-19 coup attempt, totalitarianism, centralized authority and the way forward

(originally published on April 14th, 2020)
Let us now look at this crisis honestly. We can start by remembering some indisputable truths. Firstly, centralized power always seeks more power. Whether we are talking about the Chinese government, the US government, the EU or Russia — whether we are talking about the healthcare industry, the military, the media or finance — the goal of all powerful, centralized institutions is to maintain power and to increase it.

In these past weeks, we clearly see that institutions have seized power. The new normal around the world is that of a police state (which can also be called by words like authoritarianism, totalitarianism, communism and more). It matters not whether the institutions created the crisis (which is certainly possible) or whether the removal of personal freedom was merely a response to it. Either way, we can plainly see that this is what the institutions have done. Anyone who understands history knows that this is what centralized power always attempts to do. Let’s move on.

We also know that human beings have something called an immune system. Our immune systems can be strengthened though certain types of behaviors, such as improving our diets, taking vitamins, getting sleep, lowering stress, exercising, meditating, avoiding addictions like smoking and drinking, and avoiding other harmful substances such as prescription drugs (which, we know, all have harmful side-effects). We know that, if we are healthy and our immunity is high, we are not likely to die from this virus.

We can see that the media, the healthcare systems, and the governments are almost entirely avoiding the topic of strengthening our immune systems — making us feel helpless, vulnerable to a virus, and in need of their rescue. Of course, we are told to believe in their good intentions in taking away our freedom and destroying our lives.

We also know that, in 2017, 2.6 million people in the world died from pneumonia — 800,000 of them were children. This happens every year and nobody seems to care. Yet this year, only 120,000 people in the world have died from pneumonia related to this strain of the flu (almost none of them children). In other words, Coronavirus accounts for less than half of 1% of the total people in the world currently dying from pneumonia. This is a normal, or maybe slightly worse than average, flu season. Yet our freedoms and our means of economic survival have been seized. What is really going on?

What is happening would be terrifying if totalitarianism worked. It doesn’t, and it won’t. The authority of centralized institutions is an illusion. It is false. All true authority lies with us.

Freedom is not granted to us by the government; rather, it lies within. Health is not given to us by a healthcare system; rather, it is our natural state within if nothing goes wrong with our thoughts or way of life. Similarly, love isn’t given to us through a marriage ceremony and government-issued marriage certificate; rather, true love arises from within and is shared between two free beings. Everything we want, everything real, everything that matters is eternally accessible from within. External, centralized authority only has power over us when they can convince us that they do.

A primary function of school and the media is to confuse you about the source of authority. The function of the police, the courts, and military are to use violence against you if the indoctrination didn't work and you begin to act out. Fighting the system or rebelling, therefore, isn’t the way. There is only one true path toward freedom where you face no negative consequence, and I will explain.

This so-called pandemic is possibly an attempted Chinese coup, though it certainly involves many other members of the ruling elite around the world who also want to impose a Chinese-style government on us all. How do I know? Because that is what they have done. They probably seek to implement a permanent system in which the government, the media, the healthcare system and other instruments of centralized power have total domination over us. While this already appears to have worked, know for certain that ultimately this coup, this take-over of our lives isn’t going to be successful.

Every totalitarian coup in history has ultimately failed; each time teaching us fundamental lessons which are very different from what they intended. Hitler’s power seemed unstoppable. Decades later, the world saw the pendulum swing in the other direction with the hippie revolution. Communism in the U.S.S.R. eventually self-imploded and personal liberty was restored. 9/11 was also an attempted coup to seize military control over the world under the false pretenses of terrorism. Within a few years, people recognized that terrorism wasn’t much of a threat and that coup essentially failed. Now the pretense is this strain of flu, but the outcome will ultimately be no different.

The human soul wants to be free and always shall be free. External authority can scare us to death, they can terrify us into submitting to their so-called power for a time, but after a relatively short while people always return to their natural state of being. The truth shall always prevail.

They can create panic, they can threaten penalties for non-compliance, they can send the military knocking on our doors, they can destroy our businesses, take away our jobs, monitor all our communication, humiliate us by making us wear masks, take away freedom of speech, even imprison or murder some who don’t comply — but at the end of all this, human beings are going to be free. No external authority has any power over the dimension of truth.

Truth remains beyond threat because it rests in the dimension of God — the immaterial realm that cannot be changed. That which is real cannot be threatened. Herein lies the peace of God.

So, what should we do now? If we wish to return to normal (or, far better, to heal by finally ending this hell on Earth and establishing a new Earth of love, truth and beauty) we can begin by understanding that we have the power. We can choose to live in the dimension of truth. We can seek truth and want truth only. We can tune out the false authority, the institutions (starting with the media), and we can begin to honor and celebrate only what is real about us and about life itself.

External, centralized power only has power if we believe it does. There is always an urge to fight back against or resist injustice. Unfortunately, this only makes it seem real and ultimately leads to counter-attack and the escalation of hell.

The best approach is to totally withdraw our attention from all that is unreal. We can refuse to engage in anything that insults our intelligence and our divinity. We can align our thinking and doing only with love so that we are completely unaware of the sick, evil forces trying to enslave us. By simply rejecting unreality, we will manifest a world of true beauty and freedom.

Freedom is within, and it is accessible in spirit. Do not fight; rather, love. Do not resist; rather, ignore. Do not work to change; rather, withdraw. Live rooted in the dimension of truth, divinity, and all power — the inner dimension of consciousness. Now learn to connect with and unite with your brothers and sisters from this place. We do not need external permission to communicate or to connect. For this, God has given us two feet to walk toward one another and beautiful voices and faces with which to communicate.

The miracle is that nature has already given us all the wisdom and technology we need. No gadget is more advanced than our own bodies or the animals and plants of this sacred world. In this world, there is the light of truth and there is the darkness of deception. We need not ask those who deceive for the right to live in truth, in freedom. They have no authority. Where light enters, darkness is instantly dispelled.

Truly poor are the ideologs, the government officials, the media moguls, the bankers, and all the ruling elite who foolishly think that they can seize our freedom. They have chosen to live in a hell of their own making — a hell of illusion that cannot be sustained because truth cannot be changed. In the end, this is the lesson they unintentionally teach:

We are the truly rich because we know what truth is, where true authority lies, and what freedom is.

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