Abscondo Podcast #84: Relationships in these times
The new age is already here for those who choose not to wait.

He dwells in reality, and lets all illusions go. (Tao Te Ching)

Let others follow every train of thought and chase every rainbow. They will never find the destination they seek.
Let the politicians seize more power, the media create more panic, the corporations trade more profit for misery, while the people claim their country is great.
Let the churches sell false salvation and the congregation feign faith. Let the schools undo wisdom and the students become sharp yet confused. Let the legal system create more worry and suffering while the people call it justice. Let the healthcare system cause more illness than wellness.
Let the lazy waste away and the governments try to help. Let the ignorant minds decay as the teachers and healers are laughed at. Let the criminals cheat and the police brutalize the wrong people.
After everything has been discussed, analyzed, disected and done, all will remain as it is. The pendallum always returns to its resting position. The waves always settle. The fire always burns out. 
Our interference never creates more than temporary illusions, pendullum swings, waves, fires. We are powerless against the one consciousness, the eternal reality which is beyond words and concepts. Strength, peace, joy, health, and salvation is found by allowing all things to be, without any fight or resistance, caring only about the deeper reality.


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