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Abscondo Podcast #82: This is the rapture, the so-called "second-coming" of Jesus Christ, and this is how to survive the end-times.

Why this is the rapture, the second-coming of Jesus Christ


For a long time, the world has mistaken the pleasures of ego for happiness.  The ego has become so normal that most of us don't really know what it is.
They say that we will not go back to normal. This is true. Ego in this world is presently dying, and when it finally passes, we will never want it again.
What is happening now is what my dad always called the "second coming of Jesus Christ". He waited his entire life for this, but now I wonder whether he will recognize it.
What Christians call "the devil" also goes by the name of ego. The story goes that, for a long time, the world will be ruled entirely by a false prophet--a Satan (collective ego). Then Christ will return and will rise up to save the believers.
Like all spiritual stories, this was meant to teach us a wisdom that is eternally true. The death of ego is inevitable because ego was always only an illusion. Illusions always get exposed. Christ--our divine identity within--will live on for those who have faith in the truth. Those who cling too tightly to illusion will not survive. The sooner we embrace the inevitable outcome, the less painful this will be.
I define and write about ego extensively in my work and teach the truth of our divinity. Follow the links. Also check out this podcast for a full explanation of this post:

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