Abscondo Podcast #83: The real truth about pneumonia, coronavirus, and the actual numbers. Wake up people!
Hope and fear are two sides of the same coin

Today we lose faith in fear

Let’s talk about the fear and panic caused by imagining something terrible happening in the future. These days, how can we stop these thoughts?

The future you imagine is not real. Reality is too complex and your mind can’t understand all the variables. Besides, when the so-called future does come, it will still be the present moment. In that “future present moment”, will you still be crippled by fear of the future? As it is, yes.

Always clinging to past and future, the one dimension that the ego is utterly unaware of is the present moment. Yet this is the dimension where everything that happens is happening, always has been, and always will be.

Watch the people of the world continue to tragically create unbearable suffering in the present moment as an attempt to protect us from some imagined future. Observe the depth of insanity around us now and learn this lesson well. This, my brothers and sisters, is a monumental occasion. Nothing interesting is happening in the world right now but the death of ego.

The ego literally must die because there is no path forward for those who choose to keep fear alive. They are now paralyzed and will not survive. If you want to live, you must learn to transcend fear by transcending ego. The ego is fear. You cannot escape fear from within the thought system of fear.

The time has come for God’s thought system—the thought system of perfect love. If you want to live, then awaken to truth. Awaken to the creative force of life, itself. Only love can save you from fear. Learn to love yourself and then extend it.