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Abscondo Podcast #83: The real truth about pneumonia, coronavirus, and the actual numbers. Wake up people!

This is not another post about what you are supposed to think and how you are supposed to feel

Inspiring words are nice, but you can’t control your thoughts and you can’t force yourself to feel what you don’t. It is enough to simply observe your thoughts and to feel your feelings.

You can just observe your thoughts and emotions in a detached way, from the perspective of the observer—as consciousness itself. Simply looking at it is enough. When you feel fear, worry, tension, confusion—you can try to just notice it, smile at it, or shake your head at it. It isn’t real; rather, this is only the conditioned mind doing what it does. In this mad world, we all have these same horrible thoughts and feelings from time to time.

We don't need false positivity. It isn't helpful. Instead, we need the truth.

Recognize the truth in things. Accept it. See it for what it is. This is how we release all the toxicity that has been building up. It is a gradual process of undoing because there is so much that must be undone. Remove the idols, the errors, the illusions, the confusion—end the madness of the world by honestly looking at it.

The way isn’t easy, but it is the only way now. We can try to hide away for a little longer, but ultimately there is no other path forward but accepting truth and wanting honesty.