Abscondo Podcast #82: This is the rapture, the so-called "second-coming" of Jesus Christ, and this is how to survive the end-times.
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The ego offers no solution

Let us look with any level of honesty at the solutions to this crisis which are being offered. The ego has convinced us that our choice is either 1) to hide away and stop living until this virus goes away, or 2) go on with life and face death and a massive casualty count.

Option two is impossible to the ego because it is now paralyzed by fear and cowardice. But, while it isn’t widely recognized yet, option one is perhaps even more destructive to the ego because deadly disease is not going away. On top of this, everything the ego cares about (lifestyle, image, status, possessions, etc.) will be slowly lost if we are not brave enough to face life. So neither of these options offer anything resembling a solution—and yet no other solution is being offered.

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The ego has no solution and is cornered. It has no idea which would allow it to live on. Of course, this is nothing new to the ego because the ego’s dictum is “seek but do not find.” Altering between suspicion at best and viciousness at worst, the ego is always wrong, always confused, and always has been. It has not been able to solve poverty, nor create governments that provide freedom and liberty, nor address the impending climate crisis, nor create any kind of lasting happiness. It offers only fleeting pleasures and its ups are never as high as the downs that always follow. Avoid the truth and you will eventually face painful consequences and crisis.

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There is only one solution to this crisis. The ego must die so that we may live. This should be quite easy because the ego is the cause of all suffering, all illness, and everything we do not want. Cling to it and experience hell. Or simply choose to destroy your ego and awaken to a life of joy, love, and health. There is a good with no opposite and there is one solution for every problem. Do you want it?

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