Abscondo Podcast #80: Fear is the problem, never the solution
Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear? -Tao Te Ching

Fear is the problem, never the solution

Fear is stress, anxiety, and the root of all negative emotion. Fear taxes the body and weakens the immune system. Then we are susceptible to a virus, then still in fear we are unable to heal, then some die. Then the world responds by making everyone even more fearful than they were to begin with. What is the endgame? How do we stop this dark spiral?

This cataclysmic situation will never end until we recognize fear as the only cause and then choose the only solution, which is unconditional love. Love casts out fear.

This message may sound strange to some, but it is ancient wisdom and it wasn’t strange to Jesus. He talked a lot about love because he recognized that only love lifts us from hell. You can recognize this message and, rather than giving into fear, become Christ-like. The world needs leaders to extend perfect love and to show others the way. This is our calling and we must find the strength and courage to respond. It is no joke right now.

Danger and death will always be a part of life. It is here to teach us to overcome it with love. Recognize, only for a moment, that fear cannot possibly solve this crisis. This virus will never be purged from the planet and, even if it was, there will be another virus and endless other reasons to fear.

Do you really think the solution is to hide away from life behind our walls and our masks? If so, the systems we depend upon will be destroyed and most of the people in the world are going to die. We are alive now and we must learn to love now or we are in serious trouble. We must become brave and walk in the dignity of our divinity.

This is the most essential message and lesson of our lives. I released a podcast on this topic today which spells this out in great depth. Please search for Abscondo Podcast #80 on YouTube or wherever you normally listen to podcasts.