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Abscondo Podcast #76: How to handle toxic relationships and abuse

To be fully alive is to go through life with an open mind and heart.

For life to flow, your default reaction to every situation or opportunity is to say yes. A river cannot flow when it is blocked, and neither can you. However, sometimes we must also say no.

On those cases when you feel it is right to say no, you do so gently and with a heavy heart—knowing that healing of the person or situation is needed and contemplating whether there is anything loving you might be able to say or do that would help that healing occur.

The world is still in the grip of ego, and so it is filled with illusions of fear and errors in thought and deed. You cannot embrace error and illusion or pretend that it is anything other than what it is. To do so is to stray from your path of truth where you are fully alive. Wherever you say no, it is only to the ego.

You can, however, say no while keeping and open heart and mind. Now, without any separation, you walk the honest path, accepting all that is, and loving everyone for what is real in them. In so doing, you shine the light and show the way.