Pride is the main addiction in the world and the hardest addiction to kick. (Kevin FitzMaurice)
How can I really end my problems?

There is no separate you and me competing for the same resource. There is only our shared potential for abundance. If we are failing to harvest it, that’s because we aren’t working together to plant seeds.

To say that we are not separate is not at all hypothetical or philosophical. Our minds may vary and we may interpret things differently, but the reality we both inhabit is entirely shared, collaborative, and there is but one consciousness flowing through us and through it all.

This mystical realm we call life on Earth is, indeed, a shared experience. When we are destructive or greedy, we all lack and we all suffer on some level because of what has been foolishly taken or destroyed. When we are creative and nurturing, we all experience greater joy, beauty and abundance because of the wise choice to harmoniously work together and to create.

Human endeavors such as business need not be greedy and destructive. Much of it is already nurturing and creative. If we are to create a better world, then it is time for all our conscious attention to go in this direction.

I am here to trust, to offer unconditional acceptance, and to help unleash our full potential. This is only possible when I truly serve you. When we do this for one another, then our skills and abilities complement one another. We then honor the truth of our oneness and we align with reality as it is to experience total abundance in all areas of life.


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