There is no separate you and me competing for the same resource. There is only our shared potential for abundance. If we are failing to harvest it, that’s because we aren’t working together to plant seeds.
Failure is for those who are unwilling to serve and to trust.

How can I really end my problems?


The ego has an endless list of problems and issues it is apparently trying to solve. You’re working on it, doing your best, just give it some time. To the ego, salvation is always in time.

The problem is always rooted in the past or the imagined future, while the solution is always somewhere in the future. Pay no attention to the fact that the past and future are only collections of thoughts – not real in an absolute sense. This doesn’t seem to bother the ego because the ego is never really looking for a solution. Problems are its identity. The ego needs problems to be kept alive.

The ego does not want a solution to a problem; rather, it feeds off the existence of problems. The real solution to any real problem would be the end of the ego. Like any entity, the ego is primary concerned with its own survival. For this, it easily sacrifices your joy. Become aware of this trick and you immediately see that you have no need for the ego. Let the ego go. Nobody is going to miss it.

Salvation is always in the present moment. There has never been a moment that was not now. So, if anything is going to change, if any challenges are going to be resolved, it must happen now.

So how do you drop a hot potato? By dropping it. How do you stop yourself from destructive behavior? By stopping the behavior. End your problems now.

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