The prison door is wide open if you know where to look.
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Do not fight against the body; for, in doing so, you are fighting against your own reality.” (Eckhart Tolle)

"Do not turn your attention elsewhere in your search for the truth; for it is nowhere else to be found but within your body."

Yesterday, I said that the doorway to freedom is within. This idea is expressed similarly by Eckhart Tolle, who says that the inner body is the doorway into being. Freedom and being are, of course, different words pointing to the same thing.

A fundamental error in our search for spiritual salvation is the denial of the body. Not only spiritual seekers, but the vast majority of people in this mind-dominated world constantly attempt to ignore or to in some way escape from the body. At work we are only a mind, detached from the body. In conversation we are a mind filled with a constant stream of thought—always pushing forward without a pause to feel our inner state of being.

Though we try to ignore it, the truth is we feel tired and lousy all the time. We eat food that makes us feel sick, then we attempt to escape from this lousy, uneasy state of being through drugs and alcohol. It is no wonder that people are grumpy, insane at times, and so far away from all those positive feelings we seek. “A little longer, just get through this, work harder, sacrifice more,” says the mind. But that beautiful state of being we are working toward is never found. The mind has no solution because the answer is not within the mind and it is not in the future. Salvation is now and it is within the inner body.

Daily meditation—even a simple practice of guided meditation—puts us back in touch with the inner body. We learn to pay some attention to the vast energy field—the spaciousness within. Through a more complete daily spiritual practice, we then learn to go through our days without ever losing awareness of the inner body and how we feel. Even at work or in conversations, we learn to remain rooted in the truth about our state of being. Now we prefer different kinds of experiences and different kinds of relationships which honor truth, beauty and positive vibes as primary.

Get in touch with the inner body. If it doesn’t feel great, try exercise, intermittent fasting, sleeping, accept all those emotions even if it is uncomfortable. Feel your love for yourself emerging. Feel the energy. Feel how this vast energy field within is entirely safe from threat. Here is freedom. Here is happiness and enjoyment. Intuition flows from here and its guidance is far superior to that of the mind. This is transformation. You’ve found it. Keep going.


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