Thought alone, when it is no longer connected with the much vaster realm of consciousness, quickly becomes barren, insane, destructive. (Eckhart Tolle)
Babies cry when there is an unmet need. Grown-ups attack for the same reason.

When you are honest, everything about your life is real.

Each time we choose to hide something—however seemingly small or inconsequential it may seem—we make the tragic decision to build a castle upon a foundation of sand. One hidden truth requires others, and those others still, until a web of lies and confusion eventually becomes overwhelming. This confusion is a shaky foundation that slowly causes any relationship or situation to collapse. In the end, no amount of effort can make illusions real.

The choice for perfect honesty starts by being honest with yourself. What do you need? What excites you and inspires you? Who are you and what do you want to become? What do you want to experience? If you can be honest with yourself about everything, without consideration of what others may think, then you have awakened within to honesty. Most people don’t even get this far.

But being perfectly honest also requires that you extend your truth to others. To hold back here is to spend so much energy trying to decide what to do or not and what to reveal or keep secret. Either way, you suffer. You know all that stuff about yourself that you just started to become honest about? Now if you repress it or hide it, you suffer.

To the extent that we withhold honesty, we are limited by others, controlled, repressed, and unfree. It is very normal in this world to sacrifice all that is true and real because of fear—as though something is wrong with us and we don’t fit in the world. This is the tragic game that everybody is playing. Through dishonesty, we are foolishly teaching a version of reality that isn’t real—and hiding what is real about ourselves to all those who are so thirsty for the truth and isolated in the false.

There is another way, and it can be put into practice now. When we find the self-love, the confidence, the faith and courage to first be honest with ourselves and then lovingly extend it without hesitation; then everything about our lives becomes real. Our lives can become a reflection of our wildest dreams, but only if we are perfectly honest all the time.