Produced by fear, the ego reproduces fear (A Course in Miracles)
Working together

To apologize is to acknowledge that an act was not loving

If everything you do and say is rooted in unconditional love, then you never have anything to apologize for.

Never apologize for failing to meet someone’s expectations or for how you make them feel. You have an eternal right to love, and to express love in the way that feels good to you.

You can love yourself and you can love others. In love you are free; but to miss the mark of unconditional love anywhere is to error. In these cases, an apology is an important part of the correction of error. Simply explain that you realize what happened and you are sorry. 

As soon as any lack of love has been acknowledged, and a true correction is made, then forgiveness should be automatic because the error has been reversed. At the very least, upon correction you can surely forgive yourself. If others don't agree, it is likely due to ego. Never apology for bruising an ego, only for acting in a way that isn't loving.

Honest, loving, open relationships are this easy.