To love yourself is to heal yourself. (A Course in Miracles)
All authority lies within

Rules—while justified by the story that we are guilty—are only a means to enslave us.

The purpose of a rule is not to prevent you from doing wrong; this could be done more effectively. The purpose is to teach that you are bad and guilty—that something is inherently wrong with you.

Because it is untrue, this idea of guilt requires extensive teaching. That’s what the church, the media, and school is for. Learn the lesson that people are bad and, more importantly, that we need authority to keep us in check.

Authority, of course, does not limit itself by the very rules it makes. Authority defines itself as supreme. Unlike the rest of us, the government does harm, kill, threaten, rob, and print money to enrich themselves and so on. It is centralized authority that is to be feared, not people.

Would you do harm? Do you need rules to protect others from your evil nature? What if everyone was taught meditation, present moment awareness, spiritual principles and the thought system of love? What if the error of violence was corrected through love and not punishment?

Imagine a decentralized government whose job is only to help people and correct error with love. If any violence remained in such a society, a dangerous person could be isolated—but under the conditions of help, not punishment. If anyone were to steal or attack, the entire community could come together to help the person understand the error, to provide the love that was obviously lacking, to forgive and to heal.

In our natural state, we want to feel safe, free, and to be loved and accepted. We want to play, to have fun, and to feel good. We do not need rules at all, and certainly not the punishments and rewards and ongoing fear that follows. Let us look clearly at what we have been taught not to question so that we may expose this massive lie for what it is.