Abscondo Podcast #74: What's real about a relationship is eternal
This is how we heal

Redemption is possible only by sharing it. (A Course in Miracles)

When you think back on your life, what are your most cherished memories? My guess is this: you most value the moments shared with other people. 

Learning to love yourself and enjoy yourself when you are alone is a required starting point; but solitude pales in comparison with sharing a beautiful moment, a truth, a feeling, or an experience with another person. Redemption is about extending the love that flows from within so that you make whole between people what once seemed separate. Whatever form it takes, shine your beauty freely to teach, inspire, and to change lives.

Getting yourself right; learning to forgive, to accept and love yourself...this is only the starting point! Yes, find presence, inner peace, moments of stillness and no thought; but do not stop there! Be free. Extend the truth about you as far and wide as you can, and if you do so from the depth of your truths then it will be perfectly recognized and accepted by all. Why? Because the depths of their truths are identical.

Live your wildest dreams, explore your passions, try new things, create something, and by all means take others along with you and inspire them to do the same. This is how your relationships become eternal, your life becomes infused with meaning and purpose, and how you live eternally through the redemption that is only possible through honest, open, accepting relationships.

There is nothing to wait for. You can go first. You are in full control here, which is a very beautiful thing. 


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