The world teaches fear to distract you from your power.
To love yourself is to heal yourself. (A Course in Miracles)

Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. True power is within, and it is available to you now. (Eckhart Tolle)

Whenever you feel the urge to force others to agree with you, to argue and debate, or defend a mental position; you can be sure that this is your ego taking over. The ego is your fictitious self, which derives its so-called existence through its associations with various positions. When the ego’s sacred positions are contradicted or threatened, its impulse is to defend them as though its life is being threatened. Because of our egos, people have violent arguments over the most ridiculous things. 

Everyone holds mental positions, beliefs, a cultural identity, a set of stories about past and future, about relationships or experiences and so much more—that’s just what the mind does. But the mind’s positions need no defense. That which is true is self-evident the moment it is articulated. If someone doesn’t share a position, who cares? Why get worked up over it? Is there any power in convincing people they are wrong? 

In a world where everybody is violently defending their positions, has any debate ever solved anything? When two people argue, they cause negative emotions and cling even more tightly to their opposing positions.

You are not your mental positions. Your identity, as the observer of your mind, lies in the still dimension of consciousness. A spiritually awakened person is one who remains detached from mental positions. Just express yourself fully and allow it to be. 

With practice, it becomes possible to communicate in a language that is beyond debate. Until that happens, it is enough to practice non-response. When you are challenged or contradicted, you can allow the other person to speak, try to understand their position, and allow it to be. If forced to respond, you might say “could be” or “is that so?” If pushed further, simply state, without sarcasm, that you don’t enjoy debating and have no need to convince them of anything.

All power flows from consciousness, which is spirit, which is love, which is truth, which is beauty, which is inspiration, which is the force of life doing what it does. Mental positions are dead constructs blocking the flow of life. By undoing the supposed significance of our rigid mental positions, and teaching others to do the same, you unleash the true power from within yourself and others. This is part of the healing process.