This is how we heal
Sin is where love is not. (A Course in Miracles)

Lack of knowledge of any kind is always associated with an unwillingness to know. (A Course in Miracles)

To know, we need only become willing to learn and to apply the lesson.

Why are we unwilling to know? Because we fear the unknown. This obvious catch-22 exposes the ego’s insanity. By keeping fear real, we are afraid to know. By deciding not to know, we are also keeping fear real. Such an obvious problem is easily solvable.

Once again: it is because of fear that the unknown exists in your life; yet fear about something no longer exists the moment something becomes known. Would you rather know without fear, or not know with fear?

I know that the suffering in your life can end. The drama can cease. The lack can be replaced by abundance. Stress can be gone, as can illness. You can live your dreams and fantasies without sacrificing anything real. Your life can become fulfilling and meaningful. Your relationships can become free, yet eternal. I know the way. Do you want to know it?

The lesson is this: love unconditionally. Always be honest. Always be accepting. Want only truth. Have an open heart and open mind. Say yes. Try it. Talk about it. Research it. Explore it. Try different variations. Invent. Be brave and be willing.

The lesson is simple, but purification is required first. The world has conditioned us with a fundamentally flawed, insane thought system. Healing is the undoing of ego and the complete acceptance of the thought system of unconditional love.

Fear vanishes the moment the unknown becomes known; but will slowly eat away at those who are unwilling to know.