Thus it is said (Tao Te Ching)
Denying heaven

Just by paying attention and having a desire, you flip on the switch of creation. (Deepak Chopra)

But if you “believe in limitations that are self-imposed, those limitations turn into reality”. We are limited only because we limit ourselves and we limit one another.

We limit ourselves and one another because we are unaware of the nature of reality. When we trust only the senses, we see the outside world as the ultimate reality and ourselves as a separate mind and body trying to survive it. Thus, it seems that life is happening to us and we have everything to fear. So, we struggle against and resist—only to live in a way that we do not enjoy until the dream of life invariably ends in death.

We are not here merely to cope and to survive; rather, we are the co-creators of reality. We are consciousness made form, interacting with consciousness made different form. We are awareness which is aware of and interacting with awareness. We are the process of creation creating creation. We are the one reality. The world is in us, not the other way around.

When we declare ourselves free, when we recognize our creative power and authority over ourselves, then our minds have the power to inspire limitless creation and our bodies have the ability to make it so.

Fear is limitation, while love is expansion. To limit yourself and others is a sickness that blocks life from doing what life is supposed to do. You can flip the switch of creation by always being honest, saying and doing what excites you, and offering the same unrestricted freedom to others.

Of course we’re not talking about doing harm. Harm is the product of fear and limitation. Let us not attack; rather, co-create together in openness and honesty. Let us love and trust. Let us speak freely and easily correct error wherever it may exist. Let us play and enjoy each moment as we unleash our potential. Let us see only the truth in you and in me.


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