Denying heaven
Abscondo Podcast #73: The 4 Areas of Life Where Problems Arise

I accept all that is real and pay no attention to what is not.

A cornerstone to any true spiritual practice is the total acceptance of what is. But until you get the hang of this thought system, unconditional acceptance a is difficult concept to practice. The mind always thinks it knows what is good and what is bad.

How many times has it happened in your life that something which first seemed bad turned out to be a blessing? Maybe you lost a job only to find a more suitable career or start a business. It also happens that something which first seems good turns out to be a nightmare. Maybe you accepted the job you wanted, then regretted the decision later. We don’t know what is good or bad because reality is too interdependent and complex. This understanding ought to make unconditional acceptance easier, but there is yet another dimension to unpeel.

Consider the real and the unreal. It makes perfect sense to accept the reality of a relationship or of a situation. If two people don’t fit, or a life goal becomes impossible or life situation unavoidable, the reality should be accepted fully and embraced. It is happening and, because it is so, it cannot be argued with. But there are other things in life which are different still.

People sometimes ask me, “How can I accept something terrible, like a violent crime? Shouldn’t we fight back against injustice?” No, because much of what goes on in the world is unreal in the ultimate sense. The lies on the news, the lying politicians, the terrible deeds of thieves and criminals, the violence—our job isn’t to passively accept any of this because that sounds a bit like condoning it. We also can’t fight it because any form of attack only breeds more attack.

Instead, we can learn to ignore all that which is fundamentally in error and untrue. No lie or illusion requires your attention. To give any awareness to that which is unreal is to make it seem real. This is not helpful.

Do not accept or fight the tragic errors of the world. Ignore them. See past it all to the truth in yourself and in your brothers and sisters. See in forgiveness, respond in love. Live in such a way as to celebrate only that which is ultimately real as real.


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