Babies cry when there is an unmet need. Grown-ups attack for the same reason.
What is self-love? Why is it important? How can I learn to love myself?

Be patient, but do not wait

We may patiently wait for some future event or situation to save us. But this kind of patience is only dreaming. Without the doing, the imagined future never comes.

Be patient, but do not wait. Nothing can be found in time. True patience is the patience of creation. If something is to be born, it must first be created! In true patience, you calmly and naturally create from inspiration. You just keep going day after day, month after month, year after year. You give your best (not more than your best, just your best). You don’t think about the outcome; rather, you enjoy the process.

When the ego creates, it is not patient. The ego gets excited by its illusions of grandeur. It sets huge goals, believes happiness is in the future, then makes great sacrifices. Through sheer willpower, you give all your energy and work as hard as you can for a short while.

Invariably, the ego has doubts, loses patience, and burns out. For every peak of inspiration, there is a deep valley that follows. You lose faith and give up. Then comes the next high. You start again—again miscreating nothing of real value, projecting image, concerned about what everyone thinks, caring only about the result not the process. This is how the ego seeks but cannot find.

Create every day from the voice of truth which is beyond thought. Truly inspired, you effortlessly create beauty, truth and value. Patience is enjoying the process of doing without the emotional ups and downs. Be patient, because ultimately you get exactly what you give—and what you are seeking is not found in time, but in creation.