When you are honest, everything about your life is real.
Be patient, but do not wait

Babies cry when there is an unmet need. Grown-ups attack for the same reason.

Would you respond to a crying baby by shouting back, or by trying to understand the need and then fulfilling it? Likewise, the way to respond to any brother or sister in need is to look past the cry for help and focus attention on the level of needs.

Most people fear being verbally attacked or insulted, as though such a silly and embarrassing act means something real and carries some power. If you ever feel insulted by the words or actions of another person, that’s only your bruised ego. Let it be bruised and do not defend yourself; for the ego means nothing to begin with.

A mind-identified, spiritually unconscious person responds to attack by getting easily frustrated, angry, and wanting to hit back even harder. But an awakened person has permanently escaped the ego to embrace the thought system of unconditional love. Love is only concerned with giving, never feels slighted, and takes nothing personally. You are not your mind. You are love and, as love, you cannot be attacked or diminished.

Attack is always a misguided, tragic, desperate cry for love. Understand the real unfulfilled need beneath the attack, then respond with love, not violence. Whether or not you are able to ultimately fulfill the need; when a person sees that he cannot activate the madness of ego within you, he will immediately recognize his own insanity and will either walk away or shift the tone. Tempers settle, cool minds prevail, peace is restored.

Respond to any challenge only in love, seeing nothing the ego is or does as real.