If you are afraid to look, you cannot see. If you are afraid to do, you cannot know.
Love is not selective

Unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty – can relationships be this simple?

Yes. Relationships are this simple. If you can do this, then you have completely removed ego from the relationship so that it is a love relationship. Whatever happens now happens in love.

Give unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty. Act as though you have already been given the same from your partner. Explain what you are doing and be consistent. It is best not to even negotiate this or ask for permission. If you are truly loving, then it is your divine right to live in truth. Aligned with love, you can know with perfect certainty that here is nothing wrong with what you want, need, or desire.  

What happens next in this type of relationship? Very quickly, you will either grow much closer together in loving bliss or you will calmly separate in loving understanding. One path offers pure joy, the other is temporarily very painful. It is up to your partner to decide whether to join you in the state of bliss that is your eternal right, your identity. Whatever happens, love and truth ultimately become the foundation of your life. This, you do want. 

Love is the energy of life, but it is an energy that can only flow through relationships that are based on unconditional acceptance and total honesty about everything. The thought system of perfect love enables you to easily accept everything and hide nothing. If you can do this, then you have transcended ego. Whether you call it enlightenment, awakening, or salvation, what is required is a total escape from ego.

Any person who decides they want it can easily learn how to transform their life by reading my books, following the teachings on the Abscondo blog, or starting some other true spiritual practice that extends to the dimension within and goes beyond the form-based, egoic structures of conventional religion.


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