Anything done in love is creation
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Love knows no confusion

To love is to love with perfect consistency toward everyone in every situation.

Where there is any doubt or conflict, love is unknown.

While relationships serve many different purposes and take many different forms; love, itself, does not vary.

Where there is an obsession about the particular form of a relationship, love is unknown.

There are endless opinions and preferences about love but, in each of them, love is unknown.

Throughout all the cultures and traditions of the world, love remains largely unknown. What people call love is not love.

When love is not known—and still there is no desire to humbly learn what it is—then no love will ever come from any relationship of any form.

The good news is that love can be known by anyone who so chooses.

After all the confusion is undone, then love is easily known without doubt, experienced in perfect consistency, present in all your relationships, and extended into eternity. I sincerely wish you perfect love and welcome any and all feedback.