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Unconditional acceptance and limitless space for total honesty – can relationships be this simple?

If you are afraid to look, you cannot see. If you are afraid to do, you cannot know.

To put something off or wait until the future is to reject. Someday really means never. To work on it or think about it is to say no.

The voice in the head is filled with a continuous stream of seemingly good reasons for not trying something new, not following our passions, not doing what excites us and not living our dreams. But the only real reason we fail to do what inspires us is always fear—the confused logic of ego. The ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find.” To follow this normal, seemingly rational and yet insane thought system is to suffer.

If something or someone interests you, inspires you, or excites you—then this is the universal intelligence of consciousness insisting that you go for it. To choose fear and paralysis instead is to withdraw, to experience that sinking feeling of depression rather than the joy of aligning yourself with the creative force of life.

Can it be that your happiness is just around the corner, but for now it makes more sense to remain paralyzed with fear? No.

Enjoy life now, even as you accept your life as it is and continue to do what you must. Just let some of the garbage go, so that there’s space in your life to do what excites you. There’s nothing wrong with who you are or what you want. Upon your authority over you, you have permission to do what you are meant to do. This is how you grow, learn, come alive, and shine your love and beauty into the world.


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