Your innocence needs no defense
Forgiveness is an empty gesture unless it entails correction. (A Course in Miracles)

I hope that the 2020s come to be known as the decade of self-love

Today, most people loath themselves. We obsess over our flaws, worry endlessly about our problems, and carry an enormous amount of guilt and shame. Yesterday, I wrote that your innocence needs no defense; but most people don't believe it.

To feel guilt and shame is to not see the truth about our errors. Our supposed sins could only have been reactions to fear. People do desperate things because we are afraid.

At our core, we crave that feeling of enjoyment, happiness, safety, peace, and bliss. We want that good feeling more than anything else. The need is so strong that we are tempted to do almost anything to have it. How ironic is it that the need to feel good is the supposed justification for all the harm we do to one another, while we only feel lousy because of all the harm we do to one another? The world teaches that this insanity is necessary, and we learn to believe it even as we learn to hate ourselves.

In fear, we have all made so many tragic errors. The insanity is this: fear is the cause of everything we fear. Fear isn't a reaction to a problem; rather, the cause. Because of fear, we lie and deceive. This causes ongoing suffering and then all-out crisis when the lies are exposed. We also seek personal gain by taking from or diminishing others. We even make others feel bad only so that we might feel better. The result; nobody is really happy and we end up hating ourselves.

To love yourself is to find out that you already have the capacity for perfect love, enjoyment, happiness, safety, peace and bliss within. Now having learned this, you can then forgive yourself for all those desperate errors of fear. There's nothing wrong with you, it's just that you've been following the insane paths of the world. All the world's paths can only lead to suffering and death. There is no difference between any of them.

There is only one path which is different, and it is the path of self-love. When all your actions are loving, all your words are true, and you are also willing to create value by serving others, then all your needs will be met and you will have nothing to fear. Now your self-love can be extended to the world so that your inner and outer reality come into alignment with your purest needs. My hope for the next decade is that your self-love transforms your life and the whole world.


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