Miracles are expressions of love
Anything done in love is creation

Honesty is entirely possible


The fundamental error in life is our acceptance of shades of gray. We so easily compromise what never needed to be compromised. It is truth, above all else, which never needed to be compromised.

Any compromise of truth, honesty and openness is a decision for the ego. It is always a decision for darkness which is against love, against peace, against abundance, and against joy. You either believe you are safe in eternity or that you are alone and vulnerable (i.e. separation). You either believe that you are innocent or that you are a guilty sinner. This is ego.

Keeping any illusion real in your life is a decision for dishonesty. Trying to be more honest is not the same thing as being honest. Working toward it is not the same thing as doing it. Thinking about it is saying no.

If you believe you are love, and if you decide to live and act in true faith of unconditional love, then what is there to be dishonest about? You can be honest, and what will be lost will only be illusion.

Dishonesty is a clinging to that which is unreal, which is the cause of suffering and crisis. How so? Because that which is unreal is not aligned with the truth of the universe. In time, the false is always corrected and the equilibrium is restored. It is this process of correction which we experience as suffering and crisis.

To tell the truth is to live at the center of the wheel. I call this place home.