Do not try to look beyond yourself for truth. Truth is in you. (A Course in Miracles)
The world isn’t here to make you happy; rather, to make you conscious.

Be willing to judge the ego’s thought system with perfect honesty.

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you know exactly what you want. Basically, you want to be happy. You want to feel good and have fun. You want to love and to be loved. You want positive new experiences. You want health, joy and peace.  

If you are perfectly honest with yourself, you will admit that the normal way of thinking and behaving will never deliver what you deeply want and need. Even so, the unobserved mind (or ego) thinks that it is supreme; even as it spins out of control trying to figure everything out, impotently tries to control situations and people, and judges everything as either good or bad. It also wants to identify as superior to others; as if being more right or better is the path to happiness.  

The unobserved stream of thought is exhausting and the cause of illness and suffering. The ego robs us of bodily energy as it blinds us to reality. Here there is constant thinking but no knowing, endless seeking but no finding. If you believe that your mind, alone can figure out how to get what you most deeply want, then no amount of self-help reading, life coaching or therapy will do you any good. Revoke the ego's authority. What you want is beyond its range.  

Normal people have been taught, since grade school, to trust the rational mind as the guiding compass. While this outdated idea is well-intentioned, in practice we end up sacrificing everything at the altar of ego. What is sacrifice but absurd idea of giving up what you want to get it back at some point in the future? 

That voice in the head, if it were a roommate, is someone who you would have thrown out long ago. But, because the voice sounds like yours, most people think that everything it says is true (even when those internal arguments and counterarguments blow in the wind).  

To observe thought is to rest in your true identity as consciousness, then to smile at the roommate in the head without taking it seriously. Thoughts do serve a purpose, but only after the decision is made to place faith in honesty and truth. You are perfect consciousness made flesh, eternally perfect, and only the undoing of ego is required to remember.


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