Honesty is entirely possible
Love knows no confusion

Anything done in love is creation

When we labor in love, we create works of beauty and meaning. When we love other people, we create strong relationships and we teach what love is. Whenever this is accomplished, a vast flow of creation extends from the relationship and beyond it.

Only through love do we decide to have children and to properly care for those children. By loving a child, we teach that child to extend love throughout his or her lifetime, to their children, to everyone they will love…and then all those people extend their love beyond that in turn.

Now let’s consider the result of doing anything in the absence of love. Acting without love, we destroy. A loveless childhood destroys a person. A loveless marriage does the same. Each loveless relationship is a decision for death and the cause of the world’s darkness and insanity. The world is suffering because of loveless doing.

A Course in Miracles states “Sin is where love is not.” The only error is lack of love, and the only correction to this error is perfect love. The lesson is so simple, but impossible to the ego. Ego destruction is the only cure.

Giving love is never a waste of time; rather, our sole purpose and only chance at joy. When we love – and in so doing teach others to love – we fulfill our God-like mission to extend creation infinitely. To love is to create. We need not concern ourselves with how grandiose any of our individual creations or accomplishments may be, we need only love and our life purpose is perfectly fulfilled.