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Love is felt only when you are open

When you are in love, your energy level goes through the roof. You don’t need to eat or sleep, you can live only from that amazing feeling of love. What most people don’t know is that the feeling of love is what happens whenever you are open. Open your mind and heart completely to experience the natural energy—the force of life—that comes from within.

To close is to experience low energy and depression. But the more you open, the more you soar. This is the way you unleash your energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. Dare to open. Dare to trust in your truth.


Mark Manney Bio

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, musician, digital nomad, and parent of two. This blog is about how the thought system of love and the intention to escape from ego ends suffering and despair.

My mission is to facilitate successful business and personal relationships. This requires a commitment to perfect honesty and acceptance rather than suspicion. I also help people learn to live without fear, stress, or anxiety regardless of what is happening. We can learn to really love ourselves and enjoy life even as we are more successful. We can live our truths, feel good all of the time, and become immune to illness. We need only learn the thought system of love rather than ego. 

I was raised in small-town Wisconsin. In high school, I fell in love with and then married an exchange student from Slovakia. I attended the University of Colorado on a basketball scholarship—earning a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and an MBA in Technology Management. After university, my wife and I moved to Seattle where I held a few corporate jobs in enterprise software sales. Until age 30, the story of my life was rather typical. I followed the world’s lessons, did what was normal, and accomplished everything that is supposed to make us happy. But I was depressed.

Rather than trying to cope with and cling to a life I did not want, eventually I made a radical choice for freedom. I convinced my wife to escape the corporate grind and we moved to Slovakia—her home country and a place I had fallen in love with. In Europe, I explored my freedom. I worked according to my own schedule, traveled, and became inspired to make music and write. However, my marriage was becoming toxic as we both failed to create a relationship that might fulfill both her needs and mine. 

Eventually, I found the courage to stand firm in loving openness about who I am. Whenever you tell the truth, that which is false in your life is removed. The end of a 22-year marriage is an extremely painful, ugly process. It was at that time that a friend suggested I needed to learn self-love. She recommended I read Don Miguel Ruiz, which I immediately did. Eventually, I became a student of A Course in Miracles, Eckhart Tolle, the Tao Te Ching and many other spiritual texts. In a very short time, I had learned self-love, escaped my ego, and had spiritually awakened. I had ended the feeling of suffering and despair and found what I had spent a lifetime seeking.

My spiritual awakening was first a discovery of unconditional self-love and self-forgiveness, and then a practice of unconditional love that extends to everyone. I wrote about what I had learned called Belove: How to End Pain by Escaping Your Ego.

I am now in a committed, 7-year long relationship based on unconditional love. We have no rules, only the intention to love, to always forgive, and to always accept each other. We have found that, in this type of relationship, there is never anything to argue about. There is no jealousy or conflict even as we are both open about everything. Even as we go through the typical challenges of life and raising our young son, each day feels effortless, blissful, and happy.

I believe people are going about relationships in a way that makes true love and sustained happiness impossible. We try our best to share what we have found so that others may also heal. In 2018, I made the DIY documentary called Treetops to share the reality of one summer in our humble life. In 2019, I wrote another eBook called The Switch: How to Find Happiness and End Crisis by Telling the Truth (click for free download).

I also recorded six albums under the name Abscondo (enjoy my original songs wherever you normally listen to music). 

Still living in Europe, for the past decade I’ve enjoyed running a sales agency that serves tech companies around the world, using these same principles to create high-value, executive-level relationships. 

The primary meaning of life is something we can all do right now: we can forgive ourselves and one another. We can unconditionally love ourselves and one another. When we accomplish this, the result is always perfect and ongoing joy, bliss, and abundance. Unnecessary suffering ends, crisis is averted, and life becomes a total success.

The purpose of spiritual awakening isn’t external success; yet all external manifestations start from within by merely knowing that you are love. To align with love, it is necessary to undo the ego’s thought system. This is the key to ultimate success and the lesson I will do my best to continue to teach for the remainder of my life.

The reason for my daily practice of creating and teaching is this: as the old way of life begins to vanish, I feel a calling to share what I have been fortunate to have found. The miracle is love. I claim no credit for anything and in no way see myself as special or superior to any of my brothers and sisters. I offer what I create for free because to give is the same act as to receive.

If you trust me as a friend and a brother, then together I know we can walk the awakened path of unconditional love, total honesty, and presence. 

Mark edit

Love knows no confusion

To love is to love with perfect consistency toward everyone in every situation.

Where there is any doubt or conflict, love is unknown.

While relationships serve many different purposes and take many different forms; love, itself, does not vary.

Where there is an obsession about the particular form of a relationship, love is unknown.

There are endless opinions and preferences about love but, in each of them, love is unknown.

Throughout all the cultures and traditions of the world, love remains largely unknown. What people call love is not love.

When love is not known—and still there is no desire to humbly learn what it is—then no love will ever come from any relationship of any form.

The good news is that love can be known by anyone who so chooses.

After all the confusion is undone, then love is easily known without doubt, experienced in perfect consistency, present in all your relationships, and extended into eternity. I sincerely wish you perfect love and welcome any and all feedback.


Anything done in love is creation

When we labor in love, we create works of beauty and meaning. When we love other people, we create strong relationships and we teach what love is. Whenever this is accomplished, a vast flow of creation extends from the relationship and beyond it.

Only through love do we decide to have children and to properly care for those children. By loving a child, we teach that child to extend love throughout his or her lifetime, to their children, to everyone they will love…and then all those people extend their love beyond that in turn.

Now let’s consider the result of doing anything in the absence of love. Acting without love, we destroy. A loveless childhood destroys a person. A loveless marriage does the same. Each loveless relationship is a decision for death and the cause of the world’s darkness and insanity. The world is suffering because of loveless doing.

A Course in Miracles states “Sin is where love is not.” The only error is lack of love, and the only correction to this error is perfect love. The lesson is so simple, but impossible to the ego. Ego destruction is the only cure.

Giving love is never a waste of time; rather, our sole purpose and only chance at joy. When we love – and in so doing teach others to love – we fulfill our God-like mission to extend creation infinitely. To love is to create. We need not concern ourselves with how grandiose any of our individual creations or accomplishments may be, we need only love and our life purpose is perfectly fulfilled.


Honesty is entirely possible


The fundamental error in life is our acceptance of shades of gray. We so easily compromise what never needed to be compromised. It is truth, above all else, which never needed to be compromised.

Any compromise of truth, honesty and openness is a decision for the ego. It is always a decision for darkness which is against love, against peace, against abundance, and against joy. You either believe you are safe in eternity or that you are alone and vulnerable (i.e. separation). You either believe that you are innocent or that you are a guilty sinner. This is ego.

Keeping any illusion real in your life is a decision for dishonesty. Trying to be more honest is not the same thing as being honest. Working toward it is not the same thing as doing it. Thinking about it is saying no.

If you believe you are love, and if you decide to live and act in true faith of unconditional love, then what is there to be dishonest about? You can be honest, and what will be lost will only be illusion.

Dishonesty is a clinging to that which is unreal, which is the cause of suffering and crisis. How so? Because that which is unreal is not aligned with the truth of the universe. In time, the false is always corrected and the equilibrium is restored. It is this process of correction which we experience as suffering and crisis.

To tell the truth is to live at the center of the wheel. I call this place home.

Miracles are expressions of love

Unconditional love is the miracle. Not magic, not illusion, not money, not possessions, not status — love is the miracle and anything we might call a miracle flows from it.

Miracles are the most natural expressions of life. When they don’t occur, something has gone wrong and purification is needed. May your Christmas be filled with miracles, and may these expressions of love each day become as ordinary as breathing.

These days, everyone lies all the time

Sometimes they know they are lying, other times they believe the lies. But each time you believe their lies, you are creating confusion for yourself by sacrificing the truth for an illusion.

Building a life upon a foundation of illusion ultimately leads to suffering and crisis. This always requires dishonesty, which is always an error. Error always requires correction. If it didn’t require correction, it wouldn’t be an error. Cling to any error, and the natural process of correction is experienced as suffering. If ongoing suffering doesn’t inspire you to correct course, crisis ultimately will.

There is nothing you can do to make illusion real. Reality cannot be different from how it is. The struggle to make illusion real only brings you endless sacrifice, great effort, ongoing challenges, a lot of frustration and misery—and it will never succeed. Dishonesty and avoidance of truth is not the path toward happiness.


In a constant struggle to make real what is not real, and true what is not true, you find only suffering.

Non-resistance, or acceptance of what is, simply means allowing what is real to be what is true. This realness includes not only the external reality of what happens, not only the thoughts and feelings of others, but also the truth about our own thoughts and feelings. We can let it all be as it is and flow as it does.

While this approach to life would seem obviously superior to the alternative, to the ego it is impossible. The ego is the struggle against reality and the foolish attempt to make true what is not true. Despite the ego’s best intentions, attempting to make illusion real can only lead to ongoing suffering followed by eventual crisis.

Non-resistance is not our diminishment; rather, a decision to come alive in joy. This is love, freedom, and everything we do want. The only requirement is the decision to be honest and to want only truth.

What we are talking about is only sanity – the acceptance of reality as real. Only because of the ego’s grip, sanity is elusive, and the world remains in suffering. 


You are the force of life, itself.

You are not your body and not your mind; but the force of life itself. Knowing this, you live in alignment with life.

The body is limiting, and the mind can be rigid and insane. Believe that this is you and withdraw into fear just as you become self-centered – playing the petty game of comparing bodies, battling minds and accumulating more stuff. With the truth of life having been forgotten, you become very idle and unfulfilled on a meaningless and lonely road toward death.

But the force of life is free-flowing, creative, limitless, energy-giving and resilient. To awaken is to transcend mind and body – to become aware of yourself as life, itself.

With the recognition that your body and mind is just part of life doing what life does, fear vanishes. You are filled with excitement and joy. You find yourself effortlessly creating and playing. The competitive impulse fades and you find yourself serving and accepting others. Each day is experienced with an open heart and open mind. You are honest and you are love.

How wonderful and extraordinary is this force called life – this still, unobservable potentiality that has come into this world in so many beautiful forms. It is so good to be alive.


There is nothing to fear because truth cannot be threatened.

How can a person live in joy and peace when the world is filled with so much injustice and suffering? Shouldn’t we do something about it?

It is clear, the world is mad – filled not only with unconscious, angry, grumpy, attacking people, but also with brutal dictators, violent police and soldiers, greedy businesspeople, corrupt politicians and worse.

It may seem to some that a person who exists in a state of consciousness is selfishly ignoring the real issues or failing to join the good fight. It isn’t so.

To express outrage or to fight something is to make it seem real. Unconsciousness is the problem, but when you try to fight unconsciousness, you quickly become unconscious yourself. Ego knows how to suck you in. Respond to ego and you begin playing the ego game – you adopt the same thought system.

Truth does not need your defense because it cannot be threatened to begin with. To speak it or embody it is enough. People can be enslaved, jailed or murdered and yet truth will not die. For thousands of years, brutal forces have battled truth. Yet it has not been destroyed. Nothing can threaten truth – not militaries, not spy agencies, not legal systems, not media nor presidential loudmouths. Gains in consciousness are never lost.

Despite the world’s attempts to pull us into insanity, today more people are conscious than ever before. We are beacons of love, forgiveness, tolerance, promoters of peace, artists, poets, and innovators. Almost everyone knows at least one spiritually awakened person. We are experiencing a massive, collective shift away from the darkness of unconsciousness that has dominated the planet for thousands of years.

If humans are to survive on this planet, it will require a consciousness revolution – a mainstreaming of joy and peace. This won't happen by fighting the ego; only by being loving. You don’t need permission and nothing can stop you.