Beware of the unhealed healer
The future is what you make of the present.

We are consciousness

Life is a temporary dream. We escape this waking dream each night when we sleep. The dream ends when we die. But if all of life is only a dream, then there must be some truth which lies beyond it. Who are we, the ones experiencing this dream?

In life, there are two states of dreaming. We are either awake or asleep. Asleep, you are temporarily unaware that your dreams aren’t real and unaware of your “real life”. You only remember yourself and the details of your life when you wake up. So what happens when we wake up from this dream of life, which we all do when we die? Who are we really, the beings experiencing this dream?

We experience and perceive this dream of life with our senses. This reality is relative and, like any dream, it is temporary. Only humans experience this dream in this way, while other life forms experience the dream of life based upon how their bodies, minds and senses work. There is no ultimate truth here because everything is relative, unstable and ends at some point. Truth cannot change or it isn’t truth.

Who is the entity that all this is happening to? Who are we? There is an answer, but it can’t be perceived. We are consciousness and we are of the nothingness, the black matter, the empty space. This is the only dimension that is eternally true because it is unchanging. It gives birth to all that is and all that is returns to it. This is the dimension beyond the dream, and it is who we ultimately are.

To know this is to know the one truth that can be expressed in many ways. Come to know yourself as the observer of your dream. Your dream of life continues, but now you know it is a dream and you can enjoy it without stress or fear.

Aware of this truth, humans are free and perfect. Unaware, humans suffer terribly. If you don’t know or agree yet, just open your mind and keep exploring. Seeing beyond illusion is the ultimate success in life. It isn’t easy and often takes patience.