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I love you for the truth in you. (A Course in Miracles)

“You can no more pray for yourself alone than you can find joy for yourself alone.” -A Course in Miracles

Alone, we may want, pray, or ask the universe for help. Then we wait for answers which never seem to come. A Course in Miracles tells us, “There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard.” Today’s message is one of those answers and should be read carefully.

Miracles are your birth right. The way to manifest miracles is to give to spirit. To receive a little miracle, give a little. To receive a big miracle, give more. For your salvation, give all. But do not give to anyone’s ego, only to the truth in them—which we can call spirit.

To give to spirit is to ask of spirit. If the giving is pure, spirit always answers yes. How do we know whether we are giving to spirit? You can recognize spirit by seeing the same truth in others that also exists within you. When spirit has been recognized, then give to it what is real about you to it. By so doing, you will receive equally to what you give.

It is impossible to get much for little. That which is gotten without giving is not valued and is therefore not truly received. True giving can be called love. All abundance is found in love.

“This is not going beyond yourself, but toward yourself.” We continue to connect in loving oneness tomorrow and each day after that.


The truth can only be within you

“You cannot distort reality and know what it is—and if you do distort reality, you will experience anxiety, depression, and ultimately panic because you are trying to make yourself unreal.

When you feel these things, do not look beyond yourself for truth. For truth can only be within you.” A Course in Miracles

People think they have many problems, but almost all problems arise from a core problem: ego, or the belief that you are your thoughts. Human suffering, problems, struggles, negative emotions and crisis all flow from the one problem of ego—and it is a sickness which we all have the power to easily heal.

Anxiety, depression, panic, disease, and all forms of fear invariably emerge from any mind that believes it is somehow above reality. The unobserved, conditioned mind sees itself as separate from the entire universe and, therefore, believes it is capable of manipulating reality according to its liking. This is frustrating, because the mind doesn’t have the power to make real what is not real. Even if it did, we can’t know what’s good or bad. Reality is too complex, there are too many variables to be grasped and controlled. The truth of what is must, therefore, be merely accepted. Now the mind can respond optimally to reality, fulfilling its natural function.

The ego is the one problem of this world—a problem which can easily be undone by anyone who simply wants to stop causing suffering and start enjoying life. Escape the ego by choosing perfect honesty, wanting only truth, and being only love. This instantly and permanently stops you from doing all those things which cause unnecessary suffering to yourself and others—ending your problems and returning us all to our natural state of joy.


Abscondo Podcast #72: Did Eckhart Tolle just say "screw it"?

Maybe what we call "awakening" is just a decision to live your truth and do what you really want to do.

To believe that you must achieve the impossible to be happy is the cause of unhappiness

Happiness is not what happens after you achieve the impossible; rather, it is the natural state of being available to anyone who stops believing that you must first achieve the impossible.

Were you not born perfectly happy and complete? Did you not often experience a perfect state of joy as a child?

It is more than enough to know who you are, be what you are, and simply do your best every day. There is never a need to do more than your best—your best will always do.

The most important step required to do your best is to first awaken to your best self. Your best self is your happy self. If you want to be happy, then forgive yourself. Let your truth and honesty be okay. Give yourself permission to do whatever you feel like doing. Enjoy life first and let the achievements follow.


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Your sense of "I am" is your salvation

I am is a recognition of being. It isn’t something that can be grasped or understood by the mind. The mind asks, “I am? What’s your point?”

Your mind has been trained by this world to believe that it is you and you are it. Therefore, anything outside the mind—anything imperceptible by the mind as a “thing” or “mind object” is considered uninteresting. Let us consider some of these “uninteresting” topics.
Becoming aware of being—either by going into the present moment, being perfectly honest, noticing your inner body, or aligning with perfect love—is not something the mind has any time for. Here there is not enough drama, nothing to debate or argue about, and nothing interesting. I am is a knowing, a wisdom, a creative power and a perfect love that is beyond the mind’s comprehension.

It’s a good thing we are not our minds, because this belief dramatically limits us to a confused thought system of fear and suffering. In truth, the universe is made up of both “stuff” and “not stuff” (or empty space). 99.99999999% of the universe is empty space, and the same is true inside our bodies.

Even the concept of “nothing” is beyond the mind’s grasp. Try to think deeply about empty space and you will enter being, or the now. The mind is designed only to function on the level of matter—which is useful in this world but limiting.

The mind also cannot understand that time doesn’t exist—that everything happening is always happening in the now. Nothing has ever escaped the now. It is the only place where everything is, always has been, and always will be. Matter moves and changes form, but all movement is happening in the present.

The mind cannot understand eternity or infinity. The mind cannot answer what love is, what happiness and peace is or where life originates. How exactly does life come from nothing and become something? What is life anyway?

The mind will never figure out what it was not designed to figure out. To master life, you must master not just mental clarity, but also love, freedom, health, wisdom, peace, and creativity. This is the realm of being, where we can enjoy life right now and always.


Attack teaches nothing

There is an impulse to attack when we feel wronged, or when we perceive someone’s behavior as unacceptable. Other times, we attack out of fear and desperation. We attack when our needs aren’t being met. The problem is that attack never works.

All attack flows from emotions that are caused by a lack of acceptance. Resistance of what is causes suffering within, which in turn causes a deep desire to end that suffering. When the situation gets bad enough, we resort to attack as though there are no other options.

Attack takes many forms. There are the more obvious kinds: punishing, yelling, physical abuse, or threats. But attack also includes blaming, shaming, judging, and condemning.

Attack is justified by the idea that someone else is wrong. Convinced that you have no other option, you tell yourself it’s the only way to be heard. You feel betrayed, violated, and so it all seems justified.

In truth, whatever is going on probably isn’t about you at all. At least that’s not how the other party sees it. Other people are just trying to get their needs met. If yours aren’t being met, then skip the attack and have that conversation instead.

I’m not saying that we should passively accept everything that happens. Sometimes your needs aren’t being met, and it is okay to say so. But say so lovingly. Find a way so that everybody can get their needs met. Then there will be no conflict, there will be joy and greater abundance.

Demonstrate that you love others enough that you want their needs to be met. They will do the same in return. It’s called natural giving, which flows from the endless supply of love within.


The collapse of the publishing, entertainment and advertising industries

While it has taken decades to play out, the Internet has brought collapse across industries and has fundamentally changed everything about how the world used to work. With the massive shift away from centralized control over things and toward decentralization, we need to be more honest with ourselves about the implications.

More than 25 years after the large-scale introduction of the Internet, most of us are still stuck in mental models of how the world was before. On some level, we still believe there is some value, prestige, or even competence to be found in what is clearly becoming an obsolete world order.

Let’s get real. Today, do music labels have any power to make a new artist successful? Are book publishers capable of or interested in making a new author famous? Does anyone even read the newspapers and magazines? Does advertising work?

Most of the documentaries on Netflix, for example, are stories that happened during the previous world order. The fictional movies we watch also reference these obsolete ideas and values. The people who we admire and want to be like—they became successful and famous under an entirely different system. Their lessons are no longer relevant. But because there are so few fresh voices getting through, this is what we are left with and the obsolete mental models are perpetuated.

The result is that we are constantly failing. Now there is an entire industry selling us books and motivational content promising that we can succeed—that we can somehow become like our heroes, even though the conventional definition of success is no longer attainable. The world is entirely different from how it was when our heroes succeeded. The problem is not our lack of talent and not our lack of ability to innovate. The problem is that we are defining success in a way that is now impossible to achieve.

Companies and creative people continue to invest in PR and advertising because we still believe that 1) people can be persuaded by such mediums, and 2) this is the way to reach a huge audience. Anyone who has tried this knows that, no matter how much money you throw at this, it doesn’t work anymore.

For the most part, it seems that only previously established entertainers, artists, writers, and companies seem capable of maintaining a huge following. How is anything new and innovative supposed to gain a following or reach a substantial audience? Does anyone know what we are supposed to do?

To start with, perhaps we need a different definition of success. Success can no longer mean becoming huge, being in the media, instantly gaining millions of customers or followers. It doesn’t work that way anymore. These types of breakthroughs just don’t happen and, even if they could, nobody is paying attention to the traditional media anyway.

Perhaps success, these days, means living in freedom, making enough money not to worry, having a happy relationship, and making a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to be known by millions of people. Maybe it is enough to mean a lot to a few dozen, a few hundred, or a few thousand. We may not be able to change the world, but we can start a company that creates excellent value for a few loyal customers.

Furthermore, we can celebrate what is great about this massive democratization / decentralization movement. Now we can record our own music, publish our own books, produce our own videos and films, start a global business from our bedrooms—and we can do all of this from anywhere in the world. This is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past dozen years, and I’m tired of thinking that my “real success” is somewhere in the future. I’m declaring my life a success now because I will no longer define success by that which has become essentially impossible in this new world order.

Now that we are free from the grip of centralized media, what’s left is our person-to-person connections. Rather than trying to appeal to a system that is supposed to make us successful, we can learn the art of human relationships. We can learn to shed ego, to serve one another, to join in harmonious union, to figure out ways to build trust and closeness while also inventing ways to scale our reach in this new world order.

The world is becoming decentralized, and it is time that our thinking catches-up. This isn’t good or bad; it just is. Let’s start there. Let’s be honest. Let's appreciate one another for what's great about us even if we aren't famous. We can enjoy what’s happening now and let’s create what happens next.

Defining success

There is nothing anyone can do that you can’t do

Absent of ambition, you can create beauty through the expressions of uniqueness that flow from your purest identity; which is love.

There is nothing anyone can do that you can’t do—but you can’t do anything much alone. I join with you in openness and honesty to enjoy the truth of what we both are.


You move on more quickly when you bring a “yes” to the present moment. (Eckhart Tolle)

If the world doesn’t ever seem to give us what we want, it is because the world is not here to give us what we want. This is not the world’s function. The world of form is here to challenge us so that we go more deeply into the formless.

We cannot expect the world to give us what it cannot. None of our deepest needs can be satisfied by the world. Those longings, cravings, dreams and desires are there to pull us back to our true identity—the stillness, the nothingness, the formless dimension within. Satisfaction can only be found within.

From this perspective, we see the world differently. Rather than expecting it to give us something, we accept what it is. Now we stop resisting. We say yes to its challenges and notice its simple beauty.

Why say yes to the present moment? Because it is all we can ever have. The present moment is the only place where you can experience anything. This is where everything is, always was, and always will be. The alternative would be to place faith in an endless stream of thought-forms having to do with past and future. This would be an error, and error can be easily corrected.