Everyone teaches something.
Attack teaches nothing of value.

My purpose is to create

We were manifested into this world from the void—from nothingness. Why? So that we might watch the news, obey authority, debate politics, be right in our opinions, impress people, chase money or fame?

Consciousness exists in the realm of nothing and, through creation, also expresses itself as form. The human form, having been created, is also perfectly capable of limitless creation of its own. Aware of the supremacy of consciousness, the mind and body are perfectly capable of producing limitless beauty and teaching truth. To allow yourself to create is to fulfill your purpose and, in so doing, to experience endless joy.

A portion of everyone’s day involves doing uncreative things, but joy is only possible when we are also free to love, to connect, and to create. Joy is the feeling of fulfilling our purpose; it is our intuition saying yes. Live here to enjoy life right now and always.


Posted by Abscondo

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